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  1. Oliver & Paul Collyer - M.B.E.s

    Don't think I ever ran into you guys at my time at SI but a massive congratulations on your achievement fellas; thoroughly deserved! Johan and Coleman to be made CBEs next year, just you wait!
  2. I finally made it \o/
  3. Regens could see Tonga's international form match the domestic form all thanks to Tonga's fantastic setup
  4. The 'mallenge' did happen \o/ Knew you couldn't resist in the end mallen
  5. Cheers for the backing dafuge Although I could use my *ahem* 'knowledge' of the game to poach some players next time round.. Sorry for the lack of input so far but I've been busy as I havent seen the family for 3 months and have an exam next week when I'm back. Nicely written updates though WW.. KUTGW
  6. You're all bloody weird.. Barry McAllister to rip up the FOOT tournament though! Also good to see that all the CEOs went for fairly different setups for their nations; will be interesting to see what works best in the long run!! (hopefully youth or Tonga are knackered )
  7. Yes dafuge!! We're going to take on the world!! MAybe not now but our youngsters are going to take the nations by storm with Barry McAllister leading them to glory!! As long as we come above birdy I dont care
  8. That was written slightly tongue in cheek
  9. whoa whoa whoa.. you can't go changing the rules now and let them pick their affiliated teams!! [/competitive streak]
  10. Item Level / Quantity Cost (£m) Importance of football in nation Level of youth facilities (1-20) 13 260 Level of training facilities (1-20) 13 195 Youth academies (0%/50%/100%) 100 300 Club Reputations (1,500-10,000) Setting Up affiliation links Poaching a uncapped foreign national (0-2) 0 0 Creating a superstar (Y/N) Y 150 Entry fee to 1st FOOT Trophy 1 30 ----------- Total Cost 935 Remaining Bank Balance 65 And for my player; First Name: Barry Last Name: McAllister Position: AMC Height: 180cm Weight: 80kg Birthday: 1/1/1990 3 Technical Stats @ 20: long shots, passing, technique 3 Mental Stats @ 20: creativity, flair, influence 2 Physical Stats @ 20: acceleration, pace Fav Club (Max 1): Leeds United Hope that's all right!!
  11. Nice work dude.. looking forward to the new signup when it gets going!
  12. Alright, mates

    All the cool kids are in the house Bring back the off topic thread!!
  13. What a way to end the signup.. with relegation