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  1. Thanks once again for the informative response! Considering what I wrote initially about what I want to achieve tactically, would you mind giving your input on how you would set a 3-5-2 up? I am not looking for just a simple plug-and-play tactic but given that I feel I have become slightly stuck in getting the football to where I want it to be and your insights so far it'd be interesting to hear how you would do it. I have scaled the pressing back a bit and am trying to pay more attention to how the players perform with slight changes to their roles but it can be hard to interpret if I am gett
  2. *I managed to mess up the formatting of the quotes, sorry if the post looks slightly weird
  3. Thanks for the response, I appreciate the input! Interesting, I kind of casually added counter press because I figured that could help create chances through opposition mistakes and due to having players suited to a counter pressing style. As I said above, defensively we are pretty good and we don't really have a problem with getting hit on the counter but I didn't consder how this could affect our own possession. So if I am understanding you correctly I should consider removing "counter press", "counter" and maybe scaling back the pressing a bit which w
  4. As an added bonus to make it more complicated, this is the guy I would like the team to be built around: To me he seems pretty perfect for an offensive central midfield role like the Mezzala(A) or a CM(A), or the Pogba role if you'd like. However he generally contributes very little offensively, almost no goals, assists or key passes, and is very consistently getting very average or even poor match ratings. How would you try to utilize him best in a 3-5-2?
  5. Hi guys! First of all, a quick intro. So I took up a save with Schalke 04 as my first serious attempt at getting into FM19. Initially I did not have a particular style of play or tactic in mind, but a quick look at the squad (lots of midfielders and good CBs, no proper wingers, great physical and Work Rate/Aggression stats) made me decide to play a 3-5-2 with intense pressing and an ambition to play offensive football. Surprisingly, I ended up winning the Bundesliga in the first season, partly because Bayern were pretty poor, and am now in my second season fighting it out for anoth
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