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  1. Pablo finally has a decent run of games at a team that is doing well, whats going on lol
  2. Sorry i am still following Charles its just my player is garbage and nothing interesting happens to him so i never have anything half interesting to post.
  3. wow Gonzalez sucks, looks like he is destined for a career of mediocrity
  4. Mexico 0 and england 9 Gonzalez could finally be on his way to a big nation
  5. Blackcats

    FM10 Launch problem

    Am i the only one who has this problem with the boxed version of the game?
  6. Blackcats

    Against signing regens?

    If you signed the good real youngsters on each save then you would end up with pretty much the same team on every game . Nothing better than signing a brilliant regen and watching him grow.
  7. Blackcats

    Competition time!

    "Please pick me! Please pick me!"
  8. Im rotting away and not getting better in the slightest, a reputation boost could be just what i need
  9. Blackcats

    International call-ups...

    I've had some bad ones but nothing ever like this, how did the match go btw?
  10. Blackcats

    Happy Birthday dafuge!

    Have a good one
  11. Pablo has a great goal return, needs to be snapped up by someone bigger though. kutgw
  12. Gonzalez had a very good season , shame he couldn't do it last year
  13. Blackcats

    FMX-Factor 3

    love it, what a legend. "They're fighting like beavers jeff"