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  1. RH180

    Yearly Kits?

    Using the in-game editor is classed as cheating because it'll show up in the Game Status. Also, I mentioned you could add your own. But, not everyone knows how to do it. I still see people using the default badges for clubs on FM18 now.
  2. RH180

    Yearly Kits?

    Manager's would have a say in it though. Depends how "hands on" the manager is.
  3. On FM19 there should be a feature where you can change your kit every season. - Pick the shirt sponsor. - Pick club sponsor. - Pick the design and colours of kits. Gets boring looking at the same kit every season. I know you can add your own. But, not everyone knows how to do that. Another alternative is FM giving you 2/3 generated kits based on your club colours.
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