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  1. Did you change anything in the basic rules prior to moving to advanced rules? If so, what?
  2. Hi, just wanted to let you know that it worked. Thank you both again for the suggested fixes and the insights, re: tests. Much appreciated.
  3. Thanks for the insights, Nasaiain. Good to know. Maybe the game will work out differently from the tests. Based on that, I've decided to load it into my save. Hopefully, the worst thing that happens is that it behaves like it looks, and nobody actually promotes. It's occurred to me that result wouldn't be any different from if I cut the playoff out of the game.
  4. So yeah, relegation playoffs look scripted to always go to the higher division team. Out of curiosity, I ran tests for the German and French leagues to see what happens with their relegation playoffs, as they use them in their top three divisions. I used the base 21.4.0 database, added Nation Rules for Germany, converted to Advanced Rules to see the test results, made no changes to the database, and ran a 10-year test. Every playoff went to the higher division team. That's 10 years for: Bundesliga v. Bundesliga 2 Bundesliga 2 v. 3. Liga Ligue 1 v. Ligue 2 Ligue 2 v. French 3rd division 40 playoffs. Every one went to the higher division club. I could run more for a larger sample size, but I've already spent too many hours on this, having run about 200 years worth of competition tests in my own edited database. So I'm done. I could be wrong. Hopefully I am. I'm certainly no coding expert. And obviously there are no guarantees on whether it actually works out like this in-game, but I think that's kind of the point of the competition tests. Feel free to try it. See what you get.
  5. I don't know if you ever solved this, but if it still interests you, the French leagues have something like this too. Look at the promotion/relegation playoff for Ligue 1 and Ligue 2.
  6. Wow, I can't believe I missed that. Thank you! Now that I've changed it, a strange thing has happened in the tests. Every single test comes out with the higher division team winning the relegation playoff final. I ran 10 separate tests for 10-20 years each. The higher division team won EVERY one. As a result, I can't see whether the promotion or relegation is working. (Prior to changing this, the higher division team won about two-thirds of playoff cups, which seems about right. If I switch the round name back to "replay" and "replay", then the results normalize again, but obviously the promotion and relegation don't work.) Any ideas on what's happening and how to fix it? Here's the current file. a - 5.84 - Fix promotion & relegation in playoff.fmf Thanks again!
  7. Also, here are the images of a competition test. First the playoff final: And then the next season's league, which shows the team that should have been relegated to the 4th division was still in the 3rd division: Again, thank you for any help you can provide. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.
  8. Thanks! I tried that in Fate Actions. Unfortunately, it still doesn't work. I've attached the revised file: a - 5.84 - Fix promotion & relegation in playoff.fmf Do you have any other suggestions? (I'm going through everything, and I'm reading posts throughout the forum. I just can't get it right.)
  9. Hi. I’m having a problem with a relegation/promotion playoff involving 4 teams: 1 team from the third division (17th place in a 20-team division, 3 lowest automatically relegate) 3 second place teams from three child competitions in the 4th division. (The league winners automatically promote to the 3rd division.) The rules are verified, the teams play the playoff, but tests show the teams never actually promote or relegate. I have replicated the settings from the Bundesliga relegation playoff and customized them for this league. I’ve also checked it against this post. And I've tinkered a lot. I can't get the promotion/relegation to work. Can anyone help with a suggested fix? Here are Fate Actions for the playoff. (It's Stage 2, because an English-style promotion playoff occurs at the top of the table for Stage 1.) Here are Qualification Rules for the relegating division: Here are Qualifications Rules for the three child competitions: Here is the league file: a - 5.84 - Fix promotion & relegation in playoff.fmf For background, if you’re interested, it’s a British and Irish pyramid, with 20-team divisions, including: Premier League with Celtic and Rangers added; Second tier with Aberdeen and Hibernian added; Third tier with the next six SPL teams; Fourth tier with three child comps: Northern Regional, Southern Regional (including Welsh teams), and Celtic Regional with Scottish and Irish teams Fifth tier with six child comps: Three English promotion leagues, and regional divisions including a Scottish promotion league, Welsh Promotion League, and Irish league (including northern Irish). All first tier Irish, N. Irish, and Welsh clubs are included, along with a few second tier teams. Scottish, Welsh, Irish, and English cups send teams to European competitions. An FA cup for English, Scottish, Irish, Northern Irish and Welsh teams. Brexit gone (because I'm already putting in tighter foreign player rules), parachute payments gone (but I might put them back in), and a few other things out. I moved a Cornish team (Truro) and my nearest local British team up to the fifth tier, just because I want to. ("Unified" doesn't imply unifying Ireland with the UK. It's just a unified league. No politics here. ) If you can please help, I’d really appreciate it. This is my last thing to hit for the competition (unless I keep tinkering, which I don't want to! ). Thanks so much.
  10. Yeah, that's all I got, unfortunately. Based on what I've seen, I'm not sure the coordinates get that specific so that you can break things up within cities, but someone with more experience in the editor may have insights to the contrary.
  11. Maybe somebody knows a more efficient way to do it, as I'm pretty new to the advanced editor, but I've done it manually using latitude and longitude searches. For example, if I have 40 teams that I want to break into north/south divisions, I move all the teams into one division and then do a club search of that division to bring up all teams. Now, let's say most are somewhere between 51 and 54 latitude, which I can tell from looking at a map. (Google Maps will allow it. Right click on any map point.) I'll add a field to the search for latitude, enter at least a numerical entry for the latitude, and then change my numerical entry until I get a 50-50 split. At 53 latitude, maybe I'll get 25 teams. So I'll change it to 52.9. I'm down to 24 teams. 52.8 brings me to 23 teams. And so on. Maybe at 52.5 I'll get 20 teams, and there's my split. Based on that, I should get a decent idea of where I should put a border, so then I'll look at a map, identify a city that makes a good boundary point, and put it as a division boundary (north or south). Alternately, you can do a city search and use the latitude function the same way. I've done the same with longitude and east/west borders. The principle is the same. I hope that helps. Good luck!
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