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  1. Same problem here, it's frustrating as I added a change into my db that was already verified and now it doesn't even let me load it to the game as I cannot verify it for that bug
  2. Hello, a lot, i don't know how many, I uploaded my save you can see I used Massimo Sandi (u20 goalkeeper) in more than 15 matches so it should be okay. What's the error here? Please I want to continue that save so I would be really grateful if there's a solution
  3. @Christopher Lewis could you find any fix for that?
  4. I lost 24 points as well, but I used the U20's in only one match so im not sure if it worked well or not. Is there a fix or something?
  5. https://wetransfer.com/downloads/bec3a77bb07d3d138a6d1c4d80ea2bf620191109191630/811c26058665a7694865c105b00f117320191109191630/dcbb00 That's the link for the save file in case you need it. I dont know if this can be fixed in real time as I dont want to throw my season away. Thanks in advance
  6. I do, I saved it before the final game and after the final game. Just in case there was a fix before ruining my season.
  7. Peruvian League has a point deduction rule if Under 20 and Under 22 players dont play an especific amount of time, In one season I did play the U20 and it still shows as I havent accomplished it. My goalkeeper has played 10 games, and 2 midfielders played more than 5, and it shows I accomplished only "67 minutes in 11 matches" which isn't true. Edit: Just finished the league, I won Torneo Clausura, and still this:
  8. Hello, I have a doubt. As you know, the qualification places in Europe for Champions League and Europa League are based on the coefficients of each country, so I want to know if that applies for South America too or if its like it forever. Brasil and Argentina are the only ones who have more places for International Competitions as Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana, I want to know if that may change or if its always Brasil and Argentina on the game. Also, im in the 2021 season in Perú and at this Libertadores i was champion in Perú but my team qualified to the first qualification round instead of the group stage, and there are only 3 peruvian teams at the competition not 4 as it should be
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