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  1. Excellent thread Justified, hope you finish it when you get chance.
  2. Hey VirgilFanDijk12 - great post and well explained tactic. I just have a follow up question on the passing lengths. When you say: Some key aspects of my tactic that I feel are representative of the way he plays are: extremely wide, extremely high tempo, and extremely urgent pressing. I have chosen to have the passing range as "standard", in combination with PI's to certain players to pass short. These instructions help to create a range of passing, and "verticality", passing short, but mostly moving forward. Which players did you choose to pass short and how did you make this selection? I'd imagine it would be more of the defensive players to give you more verticality up front, but I'd be interested to know your reasoning.
  3. Hi - has anybody found any databases this year that have leagues which use divisions and conference, ala the NFL? I'm trying to set up a modified MLS with 32 teams but keep getting errors to do with team rankings which I can't figure out how to fix. Thanks in advance.
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