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  1. How about something for competitions to parallel the "new club" option that extinct clubs have? (I.E. "new competition") Personally I'd quite like it if I wasn't being told that my team won the Carabao cup in 1976, for example. I actually prefer to just edit all competitions to their non-sponsored names but even they change over time, so it's inaccurate to say that Sheffield Wednesday won the Premier League in 1904, for example, since it was nearly 90 years away from existing. Alternatively/also there could be an optional "sponsored/official name" or "generic name" field alongside the "name" a
  2. Impressive achievement. Especially so, given Sheffield F.C. are more than 6 divisions below the Premier League. (Hint: there's no such team as "Sheffield"; there's United, Wednesday and Sheffield F.C. - "Clubby" being deserving of the full title seeing as they are the oldest surviving club in the world.)
  3. It's not search results he's talking about it's club>staff & players>players
  4. huh, weird. I've never tried to change it, you see, I've just always known that you can right-click and get the columns menu.
  5. It should be possible to do that already, I think. Just right click on the column headers.
  6. I've done a fair bit of editing over the years. I'm no superstar but maybe I could help?
  7. Any chance you could upload the editor files for this somewhere? That Sheffield Wednesday team is calling me.
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