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  1. Can you guys create Raphe Brown for Maidstone he is not in game pls and transfer Zihni Temelci there as well he used to play in turkey! And Jayden Randell is transfered to Wealdstone!
  2. https://www.hamptonfc.net/news/mccann-makes-some-adjustments-to-his-squad-2585500.html
  3. Yeah his off the ball attribute should be high as he always in the right place. Trust me.
  4. Eastbourne Borough: Transfer In: Joel Rollinson: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joel_Rollinson Hampton & Richmond Borough: Player to Buff: Imran Uche regular starter CA & PA Hemel Hempstead: Transfers Out: Tommy Cooney to Bognor Regis: https://www.footballwebpages.co.uk/bognor-regis-town/appearances/tom-cooney/923090 Sadik Balarabe: https://www.hemelfc.com/post/squad-update release
  5. Theo Bos comes from there! Haha, I am now residing near Breda but grew up in Malburgen-West. My parents still live there in Arnhem. Yeah, I hope Tannane and Bazoer with super high aggression are highly rated and definitly hoping for Armando Broja too. His off the ball attribute must be off the charts. LOL.
  6. They seem to have a decent backing and underperforming this season. Move over Gavin Rose!
  7. Born & raised in the neighbourhood near the Gelredome. How about you?
  8. 1. Vitesse (Arnhem) 2nd in Eredivisie atm, always my main club. 2. Aston Villa. My Prem team cause my first football shirt someone gave me was theirs. Been to Holte End!! 3. Prolly a LLM save in the Vanarama South for the first time. Anyone recommend a team for me?
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