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  1. as the title says what is your longest goal drought for a player... mine is....... Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  2. starting a new game, i have no idea who to be.... what league to be in... dont even know if i want a challenge or what..... ideas would be helpfull......
  3. how do everyone, am thinking about about installing one of the previous versions of FM and i just wonder which of the FM's you think is the better and your reasons why... FM06, FM07, FM08, FM09, FM10 or FM11 i need a change from this FM as am getting bored of it...
  4. never seen this before in my life.... Uploaded with ImageShack.us anyone else seen owt like this or experienced a downgrade in facilities
  5. Thought I'd Share

    nickname..... ahmed ashed
  6. help with editor please

    look, i know people will have posted this before and it might be a noob question, but i cant for life in me on the editor get the players up with potential ability n that, it always brings coaches and refs up n that... please help.... once again sorry if am thick
  7. well after a bad start with my alfreton side that i have got promoted to the npower championship, setting this tactic in pre season i lost my first two league games 1-0 to sheff weds and 3-0 to birmingham. After those two poor results i have gone on and beat bristol city 2-1, norwich 2-1, birmingham in league cup 3-1, pompey 3-2, and leeds 2-1... its a good tactic for scoring but i keep conceding (not bothered if i keep winning tho) All i have to say is give the tactic time and it will work, thanks dude!!! EDIT wow spoke too soon went n lost to cardiff 2-0
  8. How many of the steam achievements have you people unlocked... so far am in sep 2011, second season as Alfreton having won promotion in my first season from the blue square north.. i have unlocked 38 of 86.... am sure there will be people out there who have unlocked about 75 or so...
  9. steam and patch 11.1.1 and 11.1.0

    yes it does... thanks
  10. i understand patch 11.1.1 is out but am on steam and i start a new game and i can only load 11.1.0.... should i be able to start a game using patch 11.1.1 or not??? am a lil confuzzled
  11. Cancel league game coz of internationals

    thats a good idea, have the choice to cancel if you feel your squad is under strength
  12. is it not possible to ask to cancel games due to internationals??? recently playing fm 2011 and had to change my entire team due to them been on internationals... to be honest i think this is pretty poor, as if i would play on a monday night with a minimum of 12 players on international duty... i had to play with 11 players with no subs at all... come on!!
  13. Tesco Midnight Opening & Free Pizza Offer

    i agree get them as far away from barnsley as they can
  14. fergie very rarey wrong.... sorry but as a united fan i disagree with you on that one!! yeah i agree he does some very shrewd business when buying some players.... but just to name a few bad signing * Massimo Taibi (ya all remember him, le tissier does * Eric Djemba Djemba *Juan Seba Veron (imo he was a flop for £28.1 mill) *David Bellion (from sunderland was suppose to be the next big thing...) *William Prunier (many of you wont remember him aas he only played 2 games!!) *Liam Miller (once again he was suppose to be the next keano... only thing they had in common was celtic) *Kleberson *Diego Forlan (altho he scored 2 against liverpool to win a match thats about all he did)
  15. i was on a network game and i was the host, now both the teams are playing on my laptop and the other person cannot take control of his team coz it is under control on mine, is there any way i can disconnect from been the manager of his team so he can resume control of his team??