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  1. My nanna is 76 years old and has been playing these games since Championship Manager in the 90s, Shes currently in hospital with a condition that is severely worsened by stress, I havent seen her today but I know my dad has taken her laptop into the hospital yesterday and she has been waiting for the beta to drop, is there any chance this could be released sooner rather then later?
  2. Dont ball playing defenders launch the ball up the field though? Isnt that the opposite to playing out of defence?
  3. Should it be used with ball playing defenders?
  4. Can you change it on a save already started?
  5. What do you think are the roles/duties that you rarely see people use?
  6. Very hit and miss at the moment. Libero seems to be doing his job well, sprayin balls out wide for the wingback (has plays long range pass trait) and to the attackers at times. Problem I seem to have is the massive gap between the two centre backs when we get caught in possession, which is why I've gone with narrow attacking width which I otherwise wouldn't do. Unsure on roles and duties for the two centre midfielders. What doesn't look right to you?
  7. Importing old saves onto a new version would be ****ing brilliant. If you play games on comprehensive the next version is out before you know it.
  8. best way to find decent loans? team reports arent showing who will join on loan on this version?
  9. still happening, nearly every game. unplayable. are you fixing this or what?
  10. Been reporting this for years, they seem to want to ignore this one for some reason.
  11. Short throw, two touches, bam goal. Why? Every save.
  12. Struggling to the score goals against the weaker sides, which is probably down to my stubbornness in refusing to change mentality?
  13. It's worth noting that I have the player instruction (stay wider) set for the Tarcisio Burgnich role as he was classed as a 'center-right defender' or a 'narrow positioned right back'
  14. It's something that will be worth a try and is probably my preferred combination when using a shadow striker, but I always find the advanced striker works better in a counter attacking system, but then we do need to make the most of the shadow striker if we are to replicate the system.
  15. I've gone back to structured as it didn't seem to be working, Lukaku playing as a target man wasn't working either and Lautaro Martinez has been terrible so far. nevertheless we haven't conceded a single goal in our first 4 league game's so hopefully with a bit of tinkering up top we can gain some ground on juventus.
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