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  1. We have tried the suggestion linked at the top of the forum, It was absolutely fine yesterday.
  2. Same problem. I've been playing the same network game with my gran who is 83 years old since release. Game isn't showing when she trys to find it, she doesn't deal well with stress. Can you sort this please?
  3. I feel they need to be nerfed, you can gain a massive advantage by using a long throw and score around 20 goals a season because of them. If you have a player with long throw 20 and maybe long bullet throw as a trait then fine, but you can do this with low attribute for long throws.
  4. Would you always be sacked if you didn't achieve that?
  5. The player taking the throw in doesn't even have to have a great rating for long throws. So it's not even like it's playing to the teams strengths, and even so scoring from it in almost every game would skill be over the top. Beckham would have had 20 for free kicks, he didn't score in almost every game from them though.
  6. But they strive to be as realistic as possible right? So reporting this would be helpful?
  7. From a long throw, in almost every game during the season, do you think it should be reported as a bug? Doesn't seem realistic to me.
  8. I'm playing a network save with a friend and 50% of his goals are coming from throw ins, is there some kind of exploit he's using?
  9. Get some new computers It's obviously a problem for people, if you cant mirror it in your offices you need to try something new.
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