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  1. are you on twitter mate? if you are send your screenshots to me @CM_9798
  2. The amount of people that are still playing Championship Manager 01/02 is absolutely crazy (just do a twitter search) So it made me think, are sigames missing a trick by not doing a Championship Manager type FM game with only text as the match? I understand they have FM Touch but it's not the same.
  3. If i change mentality to attacking (get rid of direct passing) (keep with narrow or very narrow) have much lower line of engagment and lower defensive line. Wouldn't that match up better with my roles and duties and counter attacking football? It's confusing when both pre sets that play counter are on cautious.
  4. No sorry its been a while since I've changed that, I've just been relegated to the Conference South.
  5. Yes I think it was, would you put it on standard? My defenders aren't very fast so I won't be putting my def line any higher. Do you think I could change mentality with this formation when I go ahead/behind or should I be sticking to balanced mentality?
  6. thank you, so you believe this will be the best way to setup? will we be ok with men in the box when the W(A) gets into a position to cross? also do you not feel the CM(a) and W(A) both on attack duties is too much? or will the cm-d and fb-d compensate for this? anyone else got any thoughts?
  7. I'm expecting to be predicted to finish mid table next season so I'm looking to play a system where I can move from balanced to positive and balanced to cautious without much problems and also get the best out of the players I have available. I can't get on FM till later in the week but just wanted to ask if anyone can see any flaws in going with this formation? Alternatives I have are changing the CM-S to a deep lying playmaker and changing the wing back support to wing back attack but two attack duties on that flank may be too much?
  8. When you set your strikers up do you have the left sided or right sided striker further forward? Most tactics I see have the left striker further forward but I always thought it would be best to have the right sided striker further forward (as an advanced striker for instance) especially if he is right footed?
  9. Is it worth listening to him on these newer versions of FM?
  10. What types of training would you advice for direct counter attacking football?
  11. One thing that might be worth mentioning is that before the update I had 5 star graphic capability, now I have 3.
  12. It's 2D that's lagging for me (as well as everything else)
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