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  1. BusbyFergieJose


    Do players who are on non-contracts get paid when they play in the reserves?
  2. BusbyFergieJose

    Online Game

    The admin of the game always has an advantage, we ran tests on it.
  3. When you are managing a part time club you don't get many options for training so what do you usually go with? My players are constantly whinging about training.
  4. BusbyFergieJose

    Nvidia Response Stuttering / low fps (possible fix)

    fixed yet? still using old graphics update.
  5. BusbyFergieJose


    Thanks So is even using overlap in a 5-2-1-2 pointless considering we dont use wingers? I've seen a lot of people using overlap when only having wing backs.
  6. BusbyFergieJose


    I'm playing a 5-2-1-2 system and on the left side I'm using a wing back (support) and the centre midfield option beside him is CM-A, If I use underlap will this make the left wing back hold the ball up more and look for the runs made by the CM-A? Or am I getting this wrong and will just make the left wing back look to run inside more?
  7. BusbyFergieJose

    Average Gamer Age

    33 Playing since CM9798
  8. BusbyFergieJose

    Nvidia Response Stuttering / low fps (possible fix)

    so this still isnt fixed? I'm guessing i won't be able to upgrade my graphics driver till FM2020? jesus
  9. Does a club always come up that has a vacant manager position? Or are they sometimes always managed?
  10. BusbyFergieJose

    dafuge's FM19 challenge

    Ie does a club always come up with vacant manager position?
  11. BusbyFergieJose

    dafuge's FM19 challenge

    No I mean what are the chances of the clubs being promoted (to conference north and south) at the end of the first already having managers? I though this thread would be the best place to ask, I've already played my first season as FC United and got sacked, there's a few jobs available but I want to wait to see what clubs come up, but I'm worried all the clubs that come up will already have managers.
  12. BusbyFergieJose

    dafuge's FM19 challenge

    I've been sacked as FC United manager after being relegated, there's a few jobs up for grabs currently (Southport, Chorley etc) but I'm tempted to wait and see if a club comes up with no manager. What are the chances of all clubs coming up already having a a manager in place? (then I'll regret not going for Chorley job)
  13. BusbyFergieJose

    Nvidia Response Stuttering / low fps (possible fix)

    It was the one that was released in October and yes it still works. (only way i can play the game is to use it)
  14. BusbyFergieJose

    Nvidia Response Stuttering / low fps (possible fix)

    The problem is still there.