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  1. Yup I know about that but I dunno why I never did that. I'm running 3 nations 6 leagues it's fast, I might try load some more.
  2. Hi all. I will be playing a lower league save, my specs are; i5 8700k 250gb SSD 16gb ddr4 3000 ram Windows 10 1060Gtx How many leagues should I be loading for a fast game? Cheers!
  3. Hopefully it goes on sale around Christmas on steam, got some time off, need to play!
  4. I just love how Modric always come short for the ball and is in almost everything. He is the type of player I aspired to be like.
  5. Neymar is a disgrace. I don't know why refs put up with this blatant cheating.
  6. Thanks guys, will get those two books, the mixer and inverting. Any on specific formations like the 4-3-3 ?
  7. Hey, do any of you know good books written about specific formations? I'm after 4-3-3 variants, but if it has the word 'soccer' in the title I am not interested lol.
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