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  1. I, and others, posted about this exact issue two months ago. No response. Not even an acknowledgement. No changes in the Match Engine. My response: I wouldn't hold your breath. I would prepare to be continually frustrated at this happening, as I have been. I wouldn't like to think how much this happens on Full Match...
  2. Quality analysis, OP. I've been reading your posts with great interest the last couple of days. I wish SI would look into this whole width issue; I think it's fundamental to why the ME can be such a frustrating experience. A couple of days ago I made a post in the GD-beta thread saying, amongst oter things, I think this narrowness of Fullback positioning (no matter the settings), in addition to the narrowness of Wingers, causes the middle of the park to be like a rugby scrum. And this faulty FB positioning is mostly hidden in the ME because the Wingers rarely exploit the chasm of space outside (as you show, they don't stay wide enough, and they don't cross early/smart enough). This FB/AML-R positioning causes many knock-on issues, including: The strikers can't find any space in the middle because the Fullbacks are so narrow. The middle has less space than a phone booth, resulting in way too many shots getting blocked (particularly from central midfielders). I think two things need to happen, to start to change the ME experience for the better.: Wingers and Wide Midfielders need to stay much, much wider, as you outline. Fullbacks need to stop holding hands with Centrebacks. If this was changed I think not only would we get better wide play, we'd also get better central shooting, and more possibility for Strikers to exploit space in the middle. Incidentally I don,t know for sure which is to blame, the chicken (narrow wingers) or the egg (narrow fullbacks), but I have found myself swearing in frustration when wingers do exploit space because the fullbacks aren't even looking at them. It's that that makes me think Fullbacks are not narrow because of Wingers, but because they're just coded poorly. Question for you: out of curiousity have you observed/tested how Wingers play when they have the "Hugs Touchline" PPM?
  3. Both of those screenshots are crazy. And the wide players left in acres of space is something I see game-in, game-out. This is an issue I think that is fundamental to why Attacking is so terrible. And yet I don't think I've ever seen the specifics of it pointed out. Simply: Fullback's Defensive Positioning is truly awful. The narrowness with which they often defend - even if you have Defensive Width to wide - is just egregiously wrong. They defend like they're wide CB's in a back 3. They typically defend ridicously narrow, leaving wingers/wide-midfielders in acres of space out wide. Which causes the ball to constantly get funnelled out wide. At which point they have to race out to close him down (which for some bizarre reason they don't seem to do until he's received the ball, rather than when the pass is obviously being played to him). This happens on all setting. Defend Wide. Tight Marking. Hell it can even happen if you set them to specifically man mark the winger. This is exacerbated, and hidden by the following issue: The number of blocked shots and crosses is ridiculous - again no matter if you have "Work Ball into Box". This comes down to Attackers not being coded smart enough. Run a subroutine through their head - weighted by their decisions - on the likelihood their shot/cross will be blocked. The more likely they think it will be blocked the less likely they should be to shoot/cross. Now I'm sure it probably works this way anway - and always has. But clearly in this iteration of FM there is something seriously wrong with this processing. Which is a significant part of why you get game after game of this nonsense, and such a lack of efficiency in attacking. I had a game yesterday where my team - despite Work Ball Into Box - had THREE blocked crosses in the space of less than 5 seconds. Just crazy. How many times does this passage of play happen: Fullbacks too narrow, ball gets played out wide, Winger makes a stupid decision to cross with a Defender too close, cross gets blocked. Repeat, ad infinitum. Or, ball gets funnelled into the middle, Attacker thinks he has more space than he has, shoots from range, blocked. Repeat... It's like the "Work Ball into Box" is broken. There's so many things wrong with the ME it's beyond reporting. I seriously see things that are straight broken that I've never see mentioned, because we're all consumed with the other 93 more serious issues were currently discussing. I'll give you one of the top of my head that I see constantly - in fact it just happened, and I've paused the game: After the keeper pushes the ball wide, the Attacker gets to the ball first, typically back or side-on to goal, and they just literally stand there with the ball, waiting for a Defender to come tackle them. I've seen this dozens of times in this years FM and probably never in real life. It's so obvious, that I know what's going to happen as soon as I realise the Attacker is going to get to the ball first. In 20 years I have seriously never seen the match engine in such shambles. And this last beta patch seriously did nothing for me. I'm frankly shocked at the failure, and lack of expediency/ability in sorting it out. Can't see me ever buying FM again unless my faith is somehow restored in this version.
  4. Realism? Unsackability? Or are you one of those people that tries to sign a contract that is as low as possible so that the club has more money...
  5. Jack, first of all, thanks for sticking your head above the parapet and coming to this thread. I have a number of issues with the game, and SI atm. Primarily these: 1. Why on earth isn't there an SI posted megathread of all issues that the team is working on? An SI thread with a list of, to them, the major ME issues (Striker movement, Long shots goals too frequent, Defenders clearing headers aimlessly, Fullbacks defending too narrow, ETC) would go a long way . Especially if you updated it with how those improvements were going. As it is there's bits and pieces of SI communication all over the place, with no real understanding of what's happening to change them. We don't really know what's going on. If you fail to effectively communicate your acknowledgement, and progression, with game issuesthen you get what we've had here, over the weeks and months: customer frustration and venting. 2. The Public Beta. I signed up for this in December. We haven't had a ME update in weeks. What's the point of a Public Beta for feedback if you're not going to update it so we can give feedback? I posted feeback about one of the early updates saying how certain things in the ME had improved. I can't do that now because where's the updates? Are you seriously saying in a month you can't make a single tweak to the effectiveness of long shots (or the keepers ability to react from shots from range) to reduce their effectiveness by 30% or whatever? Really? If you realise that would skew goals down too much, well, then that brings up the Striker issue that is the reason for this... 3. The lack of acknowledgement for feedback is staggering. And I'm not talking about the venting in General Discussion. Go check the Public Beta, or Match Engine bug, forum and see the effort that people are putting in to make threads about issues that plague the game. The great majority are either unanswered, or unanswered but for a "post PKM". When someone does, once again often dead air. I posted a follow up to someone else's post about "Defenders Bad Clearing Headers". SI ask for PKM. I post a PKM and screenshot, and again no response from SI. Not even an acknowledgement. This was two weeks ago. Are SI now looking at this? Do SI not think this is an issue? I don't know, because the Staff ask for help and do a bad job (in a lot of cases) of following up on it. How you expect constructive feedback, when your feedback to our feedback is so poor, I don't know... Conclusion: I really think at this point SI is not helping itself. IMO this is the most egregiously flawed (I don't mean it's necessarily the worst) Match Engine there's ever been - the lack of Striker involvement frankly makes the game lopsided and at times anti-football. For those that would refute this, go check the league's top scorers and compare to real life. Scorers of 20+ goals: PL over last 5 years (data from here): 18 FM PL - a full league I've never had a team in - over last 5 years: 4 I could pluck out dozens of other details like this: Average goals for 2nd top scorer: PL: 24.4, FMPL: 17.4 Strikers, and therefore top goal scorers, are just broken. I've shipped out half a dozen strikers (and their replacements) over the last five years, until I just recently full realised: it's not the lad's fault he gets a 6.4 most games. It's the match engines... While I'm (mostly) enjoying the game - because I always have - I've never been more disappointed with SI than this. I am on the edge of quitting (despite being a staggering 500 hours in) until the next major patch (my aggrieved strikers probably have started a petition for my sacking) and will probably never buy this game before March again, unless something about the way SI currently operates changes... Thanks for reading my thoughts.
  6. Jack, I'm not sure how it happened exactly. But I was changing corner routines, free kick takers, etc. I'll have a go at reproducing it later.
  7. From a lumped, aimless, deep ball, Defender heads ball straight to only attacker, when there's no-one within 30 feet of him. He could do precisely anything else and it would work out better. Head it to one of my defenders, my goalie, let it go over his head, or control it. If he'd headed it one of my defenders poorly, fair enough. No, it was the usual thing, a thoughtless header with no rhyme or reason. And it happens game in game out. I wouldn't like to think how many I'd see if I watched full highlights. And yes, it did result in them scoring a goal from the attack that was literally gifted to them. With their first shot of the match no less. Oh, and if that wasn't bad enough. We lost 3-0 when they had 3 shots on target. The other two goals? A Maradonna-esque run from his own half, ending with him hitting a 30 yarder past my despairing keeper. And a 30 yard free kick smack in the corner. This is a unacceptably bad ME at times. Tell you what, I won't be buying it until all the patches have been released in future. I'll save myself some money and heartache. And in case you were wondering, I've been playing this game for 20 years. St. Johnstone 3 St. Mirren 0 - Amazing Match Engine.pkm
  8. There seems to be one hope: when a goal is scored and it asks you if you want to keep your changes, etc, hit "NO". I hit Yes, the first time, no good. Second time they scored I hit no, and it cleared. I won the game 2-1. If I hadn't I'm afraid the save would somehow have rolled back. F'd if I'm losing a game because I have to play a 90 minutes match with no subs, shouts, or tactics because of an unresolved bug.
  9. Happening to me too, right now. It would be amazing if issues like this didn't go unresponded to for two month. And then they want us to post PKM's and stuff...
  10. This is the number 1 most irritating thing about the Match Engine for me. There is nothing more frustrating in the game than conceeding a goal because one of my defenders heads a ball straight to the opposition when they could eiter let the ball go, or control it. It gets so when a highlight kicks in with a ball lumped to my CB's I think "not another one of them ******** goals". It needs soeting more than any other issue, and I'm amazed more mention hasn't been made of it. I'll save and upload some PKM's soon as it happens again. It won't be long.
  11. Yeah, this is super annoying. It stands out like a mile.
  12. Always get it too. I'll believe everyone does until I hear otherwise. Would be nice to jave some Official input on this.
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