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  1. Haruna Babangida. Took me up like four divisions to the Prem, after which Man U wanted him; I said "no". Regen-wise, I bought an 18-year-old named Fernando who was the "Brazilian Pele", and playing up front on his own, he was a one-man strikeforce, carving up Serie A for years. These were both many, many years ago.
  2. Talking FM19 here, but I just received it after the 18 month planning stage happened. So I got it when the stadium started being built.
  3. I, and others, posted about this exact issue two months ago. No response. Not even an acknowledgement. No changes in the Match Engine. My response: I wouldn't hold your breath. I would prepare to be continually frustrated at this happening, as I have been. I wouldn't like to think how much this happens on Full Match...
  4. Quality analysis, OP. I've been reading your posts with great interest the last couple of days. I wish SI would look into this whole width issue; I think it's fundamental to why the ME can be such a frustrating experience. A couple of days ago I made a post in the GD-beta thread saying, amongst oter things, I think this narrowness of Fullback positioning (no matter the settings), in addition to the narrowness of Wingers, causes the middle of the park to be like a rugby scrum. And this faulty FB positioning is mostly hidden in the ME because the Wingers rarely exploit the chasm of
  5. Both of those screenshots are crazy. And the wide players left in acres of space is something I see game-in, game-out. This is an issue I think that is fundamental to why Attacking is so terrible. And yet I don't think I've ever seen the specifics of it pointed out. Simply: Fullback's Defensive Positioning is truly awful. The narrowness with which they often defend - even if you have Defensive Width to wide - is just egregiously wrong. They defend like they're wide CB's in a back 3. They typically defend ridicously narrow, leaving wingers/wide-midfielders in acres of space out wide.
  6. Realism? Unsackability? Or are you one of those people that tries to sign a contract that is as low as possible so that the club has more money...
  7. Jack, first of all, thanks for sticking your head above the parapet and coming to this thread. I have a number of issues with the game, and SI atm. Primarily these: 1. Why on earth isn't there an SI posted megathread of all issues that the team is working on? An SI thread with a list of, to them, the major ME issues (Striker movement, Long shots goals too frequent, Defenders clearing headers aimlessly, Fullbacks defending too narrow, ETC) would go a long way . Especially if you updated it with how those improvements were going. As it is there's bits and pieces of SI
  8. Yeah, this is super annoying. It stands out like a mile.
  9. I've got this exact thing too. Seemed to come out of nowhere after the patched "Quickness training" thing. The ingame advice needs to do a much better job of telling us how to correct this - if it's not just a bug. I have no Physical, Endurance, Quickness or Resistance training.
  10. Your numbers seem a little off, as for real world data, but there is definitely something here. Specifically the Pass Completion for the better teams is way, way low. This is an analysis, with included links to full real world data from whoscored.com linked. Note: I'll ignore Barca in all data, who are 2% higher in FM and real life, and are thus a distracting abberation. Premiership 2015-2016 Season: Pass Completion: Top 84% (Arsenal), Bottom 70% (West Brom) La Liga 2013-2014 Season: Pass Completion: Top 86% (Real Madrid), Bottom 68% (Levante) Serie A 2014-2015 Se
  11. Just wanted to (belatedly) make a post saying how awesome this is. Really SI just needs to change things up and have a better indication of your team players "hidden stats". I've just had a young player leave my club who was never happy with us, to now find out the fans are glad to see the back of him. Looking him up on your guide I see he has very low temperament. Player Profiles should list them all: Temperament: Very Low Sporting: Low Consistency: Good Etc.
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