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  1. I've already had a thread on NHL player trading which I unfortunately can't do within the Editor. However, I now have a problem with B team "promotion". Like the NHL each first team has a B and a C club/affiliate. These are all their separate divisions with no promotion or relegation but with a champions playoff just like the NHL. But I have encountered a problem in B teams are not eligible for this play-off and the shell teams I have in to test the database take their places. Anyone know a way around this as I will eventually have all the teams in the division filled in and none of them will be able to compete in the champions playoff
  2. Not too fussed about moving over existing contracts but more the player/draft picks exchanges. Would have been a good save to cash in on the big star to a struggling team for a couple of decent prospects. I've banned loans within the database but shame I can't really mimic the NHL trade system in the editor But cheers to all of you who replied
  3. I am creating a database with the NHL style in mind. I was wondering if you can make it possible for teams to only exchange players without a fee like they do in the NHL? Or if there is a fee involved it is minimal and the players are still exchanged. Think this would be a good addition to my Database to acquire young talents in place of the expensive star to go against the wage cap
  4. Hey, I am making my own custom database and I have take some inspiration from the NHL and I was wondering if it was possible to make transfers more like the NHL? I was thinking making player exchanges and/or draft picks compulsory or at least more encouraged within my database but I am not sure if this is possible. Hoping to include a draft or two (One for free agents -Up to 30yrs old - and one for youth players) within the save but again I'm not sure if creating one from scratch is possible within the editor. I'm not bad in terms of advanced rules and kinda know what I am doing but any help on these two subjects would be appreciated. Thanks in advance James
  5. Hi, Anyone know if it is possible to set a limit on contract length? E.g Only one year contracts? Cheers
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