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  1. Hi David, I replied to your thread asking for more info. Can you please take a look and confirm? Thanks!

  2. Following up on the one where UI can't display full sentences or phrases, especially during negotiation of contracts. Can't see how many months the monthly instalment is based nor how many league games player will play before pay rise as UI was cut off.
  3. Also, anyone finding the opaque green button a bit too subtle? I'm using Macbook air 13 inch and I often miss which buttons are actionable due to that change. In addition, I reported a transfer breaking UI bug of not being able to see full sentences or words so for example I don't know how many months my monthly instalments are spread across. Anyone facing similar issues?
  4. Did the scouting knowledge logic change this year? I'm playing as Newcastle in Championship and I noticed I can't really ask my scouts to go to South America at all. Are those regions unlocked only if I find a scout that has those nations knowledge?
  5. Hi FM 16 testing team, I've discovered couple issues after updating to 16.3. Been using a macbook air. 1. It'll always crash and give a crash log after exiting the game (doesn't really affect the gaming experience). 2. After loading an existing save without saving current session, it'll at times beachball (forever loading) for up to 1 minute or even more. This did not happen in 16.2. Any chance of coming up with a patch that could improve game speed and resolve these beachballs?
  6. I tried and nothing helps. This does not happen in 16.2 and is easily reproducible. Can you get couple testers and try just loading a save while in a current game without saving the current game first? Do it a few times and your mac will go beachball. Probably some memory threadding issues.
  7. Hi, After updating to the latest 16.3, I discovered that every now and then, if I exit the current game without saving and then loading the last save, the mac will beachball for almost 1 minute before resuming play. I have tried clearing cache, setting to software rendering, verifying game cache but to no avail. Any clues?
  8. After the update, players and agents are asking for ridiculous signing on fees and agent fees. On top of that, all the other bonuses were much higher than 16.1. I also believed when I tried to sell players, I clearly locked add ons that were met after 1 game, but when I completed the transfer, they were all switched to 50 games... What's wrong with the transfer system in 16.2? Any one else experiencing this?
  9. I just want the Mac performance to be fixed and I'm a happy man. Please give Mac users some love!
  10. Hi all, I don't seem to be able to see replays anymore from offside goals? I tried switching highlight to goal action but it still doesn't show that replay. Is there a setting? Thanks.
  11. It's stuck on step 1. Excited to see FM 15 announced but the preordering flow is not working. Please help
  12. Are we going to still see a patch update before next version or is this it?
  13. I have similar issue since the beginning and have raised it in the Bugs Forum. Don't think SI has officially confirmed this as an issue. You can check out my thread in the bugs forum titled Considerably tougher shipping out deadwood.
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