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  1. @knap which are your top 3 tactics so far .. by your opinion? (20.4.1)
  2. which one would you say is the best 4231 ? i am bit fan ofthis tactic
  3. hello @knap i need your advice i coach ST.Pauli i ranked up to bundesliga and now i am at my second year on 1st division and i have big problem at scoring i win very very difficult even the very low teams can you suggest me a tactic plz ? currently i am using 4231.
  4. Hi all great tactics a always i am curious i am using 3322 tactic 1st season i won the league lost the cup but now i am 8th match of the second season and for some reason i have 3wins 4 draws and 1 defeat i dont know why .. any ideas or can you suggest a tactic to swap?
  5. hi knap what tactic you suggest i transfered to napoli and i want a high scoring tactic i use 19.3.5 patch. At my previous team i was using with the one with the two attacking midfielders and 4-2-3-1 but now everyone counters me hard . thanks mate.
  6. this is my best tactic ever i will try it for sure!!!
  7. One question the tactics 41221 and 433 with IS are for FMT only ? Or for pc 19.3.5 patch too?
  8. Because in my second season i have some scoring probelms my attackers dont score so much like the previous season
  9. Knap you will make any tactic with AMC or IS like 4-2-3-1 or 4-2-2-2? The flat tactics are good but it is very hard to find right left midfielders .
  10. Hello knap which one you believe is better between !FM19.2.1ARGUSknap41121IFPressP108ALLCUPS.fmf and !FM19.2.1ARGUSknap41121IFPressP108ALLCUPS.fmf or which one you would use home / away ? i have Chelsea and the rest "big" teams have very good players. Your tactics are the best of the best..!!
  11. hi guys i have a problem with scoring, my attacker doesnt scores at all ... i use beowul 4-2-3-1 104p i have wolves and my attackers are gouiri amine, fiete arp . ofc i win the most of the matches but i am curious.
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