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  1. That was, sort of, what I was hoping for. I love using all three slots. But for now, I decided to make one and tweak it depending on the opposition and the squad I have available to me for the next match.
  2. Ok, after few days of trying and failing, I think I'm on the right track. I changed formation to something like this. Some of the roles are custom for some players. For example, the role of the left holding midfielder is different when I use more creative player (for example Pirlo type player, or Franco Sensi - Pirlo for the poor). For the role of the left striker or Delvecchio role, I decided to use Target man with some PI, but if you don't have the right player for the role, you can use dlf s. I alternate between those roles depending on the player I use. These a
  3. I used Bazoer or Sensi as a dlp. He doesn't get as many assists as wingers or some other players do, but he is a crucial passing option. I had some luck after few seasons with transfers. I managed to sell Klaasen to Bayern after one season for 34 mil euros, and get him back after season and a half for just 10. I also got Coric from Dinamo Zagreb and Odergaard and sold them together for around 70 million. I got Sergej MIlinkovic-Savic from Lazio, Franco Sensi from Sassuolo. Oh, yeah, I also got Rajkovic from Maccabi Tel Aviv and sold him to Milan for some big money and got Cilesen back to Ajax
  4. I used this system for 5 seasons with Ajax and eventually won everything. Awesome, mate. Even though at first glance when I saw the formation itself, I was a bit skeptical, you proved me wrong and it felt so good. After that, I tried using your Wales tactic as I wanted something completely different, a switch from more fluid to more structured and it worked out well too. Looking forward to some new thread in the future.
  5. Exactly. The only problem is I have no idea how to make them play like that. For example, how to make a player on Delvecchio role to cover wide areas and sit so deep while defending? Maybe giving him PI to mark oppositions fullback/wingback or something, but I'm not sure.
  6. I know. I read it weeks ago and then again a few days ago, but I didn't quite found the answers I was looking for. I hope it's okay to leave this thread so we can find some other opinions?
  7. Okay, so I'm playing some legends patch and I decided to recreate Don Fabio's tactic under his Roma spell back in the early 2000's or die trying. The latest try is doing so so, but I feel it can be more productive and better. Here are some screenshots of the tactic. I won't post results, as they are not that relevant because this is not the only tactic I use and also because I tried some minor (?) tweaks along the way. Okay, so, the goalkeeper role was pretty plain and simple. Nothing fancy. Back three: I contemplated between classic back three (Defend - Cover - Defend) and
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