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  1. A nice option would be something like LMA used to have when expanding the stadium. I know managers wouldn't actually have a say in this in the real world BUT it would be a quirky feature as sometimes when you expend stadiums they look terrible and not very realistic. For example MUFC or MCFC having four separate stands. Something like the below....... And i also know you wouldn't be able to have the actual look of St Andrews for example due to image rights etc but could just have something that looks similar
  2. That also wouldn't be a bad idea! On my FM18 Spurs have just moved to their new stadium and its four individual stands rather than a modern stadium look and it looks very old fashioned
  3. probably best researchers stick to researching I did mean that there are a selection on maybe 10 stand designs pre loaded into the game and the user picks which one they want, not that the player has to design the stand from scratch
  4. Really like this idea! Definitely needs to be more involvement and interactive from the AI managers Also rivalries between AI Mangers would be an improvement
  5. That would be a great idea! Another way of doing it could be the attribute data is stored for maybe 2-3 years after a player has retired and you can only bring them out of retirement during that period? Would be a good way to integrate the idea without having to add a big data file to the game play that may slow game performance down
  6. The fact its every so often i think is the problem. I would be good if at the end of the season you could pick from 4 or 5 players from an academy. That way the player is a product of your own youth system rather than someone else that you buy in
  7. For a game that takes so long to make with the database size, player knowledge etc a little bit more time could go into graphics
  8. I just thought it was a good feature of the LMA Games, and when clubs move to new stadiums or rebuild stands on FM they don't look very good. An option to design this yourself would be something different. Also its not very realistic for a manger to pick the stands but its also not realistic for a manger to be sitting in the house on a Friday night, sitting in PJ's and drinking beer when its the champions league final but that happens in this game
  9. I think the youth leagues is something that really needs to be improved. I've always thought there should be some sort of feature to build youth academy's like Barcelona have the La Masia but in different countries. So clubs like MUFC, MCFC would be able to build youth academy's in Brazil, Spain as they have more finances but then lower league clubs like Tranmere could have them in Wales, Ireland
  10. Just wondering what everyone thinks future features should be? I'd like to see a feature to select the stand design when expanding the stadium. This was always a fun feature in the old LMA Manager games and always thought it was something different. I think it would also be good to be able to make a player train on their own if they have had a disagreement with a manger (this would then also affect the price that payer would be available for and wages etc.)
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