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  1. Which 3-4-3 are you using?? Everything similar that I have tried was a disaster defensively and in attack was just ok!!!
  2. I dont even sign a player with Basque origins if he wasn't born in Basque and has signed a professional contract somewhere out of Basque area like the case of Asensio! I have faith on Lezama and on "gure estiloa"(our style) !!! The moto of Athletic Club is"Con cantera y afición, no hace falta importación"(with our academy and our fans there is no need for imports)
  3. You mean "mark a specific player" option or tight marking OI
  4. I asked for opposition instructions. Also a great HOYD who works very well for me is Jorge Rodriguez De Cozar!!
  5. Thank you!! If he has no Basque origins I have no aim to buy him
  6. I know what regens are.. I just asked if Eboku is real player..
  7. Thank you !!! I have one more question.. If I hire a HOYD without knowledge from Spain,that could lead to have worst regens than having a Spanish HOYD??
  8. I have the same question. Is it possible to come up with any foreigners from youth intake???
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