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  1. My game very rarely freezes - but if it does then it's annoying to have to replay a game with a high chance of getting a different result. Suggesting I want to cheat doesn't make sense? Why would auto saving AFTER a game suggest I want to cheat? Really not sure how saving after every game would help anyone cheat? If I said before a game maybe, but that's not what I said.
  2. My two suggestions. Firstly an auto save AFTER every game option. We all know how awful it is to lose a good win because your game freezing. The other suggestion is for the game to remember the leagues that I select when setting up a new game. Pre selected game start settings.... So when I start a career I always have 15 nations or so active but as 'view only'. It would be good if the game remembered this so that I don't have to fill it out every time. Or an option so that I can save a set up configuration to make it quicker to start a game?
  3. I have just ordered a 13 inch Macbook Pro with retina display - the latest generation with touch bar. 16gb ram and i5 processer up to 3.5ghz Just wondering how fm17 runs on other peoples macbooks? I know there have been issues with the retina display causing overheating... is this still an issue with fm17?
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