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  1. What a Brilliant idea!! I hope your idea will add the next version.
  2. fm2017 mod

    Not now, but sooner or later. I'm going to add a few league's scoreboard. Unfortunately I should go to work everyday. So I think it will take time to be done.
  3. fm2017 mod

    I think looking for a skin with TV logo is the easiest way to add. In case of the Gunzo skin v3.0 has the TV logo selector. 1> open global panel.xml in panels folder find the line, <container id="lgs1" file="logo_selector/workings" hidn="true"/> . ( it can be different a little. ) copy the line to your global panel.xml 2> copy the folders, panels/logo_selector and graphics/logos, to your skin in the same location. 3> change the png files in graphics/logos to new files which you want. In the CFM skin, there is a logo which you can see when you set the full screen in the match screen. 1>open the match full window.xml in panels/match folder. copy the lines to your match full window.xml in the same location from <widget class="picture" id="pict" file="boxes/custom/cfm/cfm tv logo/paper" scale_picture="true" keep_aspect_ratio="true" height="30" width="190" image_alignment="centre"> to </widget> which is just above the <!--in-between highlights summary panel-->. (line 402~458 ) 2> the graphic file is in graphics/boxes/custom/cfm/cfm tv logo folder. paper.png In vitrex skin, you can always see the TV logo in the match screen. 1>open the match full window.xml in panels/match folder. find the lines <!-- TV logo --> <widget class="picture" id="pict" file="tv logos/default" scale_picture="true" keep_aspect_ratio="true" height="30" width="190" image_alignment="centre"> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="top" inset="24"/> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="right" inset="44"/> </widget> copy the lines to the same place in your match full window.xml 2> the graphic file is in graphics/tv logos folder. default.png is what you will see in the game. I hope these are what you want.
  4. fm2017 mod

    Could you check you missed something or named wrong folder name, please? I tested on the base skin, it works well.
  5. fm2017 mod

    After download the base skin and use this. I do not know how to use without any skins.
  6. fm2017 mod

    I do not think it can. To make it smaller, too many lines need to be modified and graphic files as well. Sorry
  7. fm2017 mod

    the latest version of gunzo skin is 3.0 for public and 3.8 for donator now.
  8. Scoreboard selector You can change the scoreboard in the game. FM2017 only. Download : unzip soreboard and plaeas read Read me.pdf first . Hello, I am a Korean. I'm not good at english. so if you ask something, it might take long time to answer. Jovovich
  9. fm2017 skin

    Hello Great work. superb skin! I'm a Korean. I wonder how you knew the scoreboard selector and EPL match screen intro. Because I uploaded them on the korean FM website only. Anyway, It is an honor to be used in your work.