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  1. When you play 4-2-3-1 do you play with the 2 as DCM or CM? I had a lot more success with 2x DCM. My go to formation is 4-1-2-2-1 with a Ball winning DCM, 2x CM playing as AP’s, AML/AMR as inside forwards and a Complete forward up top. Once you build a dominate squad. Moving to 4-2-3-1 seems to create a lot more goals.
  2. I have a similar issue at United, Shaw is exactly the same as the one above, not interested in renewing. Martial and Milinkovic-Savic are both requesting £750k/week. My max limited is £725k/week but i can't even offer this as their is a red line which does nothing when i try and adjust the figure. Their contracts have expired and i assume will leave. This happened a couple of seasons ago when Pogba wanted £750k his contract expired and he joined Sassolu for about £60k a week, without any explaination. I'd have offered them all the full £725k, but i can't my weekly wage budget gap is about £25m. I have a save if needed, but suspect this is fairly easy to recreate.
  3. Yes i’ve not checked them all. in hindsight i don’t think i’ve seen a sacking from international manager, a couple or retirements maybe.. just checked and running the latest version.
  4. Yep - i've found something similar - got to Jan 2028, been keeping a look out for national team jobs for a couple of seasons now. Of the major European nations - a lot of them are the current managers so i assume have been in the job since the start of the game. - (I only have English divisions activated - playing FMM18 on IOS). Spain - Lopetegui Belgium - Martinez Croatia - Dalic England - Southgate France - Deschamps Looks like Italy, Holland and Portugal have changed managers since i started. Haven't checked everything as not sure where to find a list of the current managers without going through each team.
  5. Hi Alari, thanks for replying, I only remembered to look back as this is still happening and is hampering my enthusiasm to play it. Board are limiting me to £175k for Neymar when I could go to £475k.... looking at the method posted online to send files it could be challenging as I don’t have a laptop with ITunes... if there is a way to transfer the save direct from IOS let me know otherwise i’m afriad it might be a while till I can help..
  6. Having the same issue. Normally happens when a player is not interested in joining, but in previous versions you could throw money at them as sometimes they change their mind... in this case you can’t even try that cause the board limits. Seem to be having the same issue on some contract renewals which is more fraustrating.
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