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  1. Which is odd actually, since he is way better than the guy listed as #1. Not all coaches in my team have that view however, some list Girard as #1. This is the other guy, I actually use him as a AM (R) and rarely as AM (C):
  2. I didn't edit him if that's what you're implying. CA is listed at 197.
  3. I got the guy. He provided an assist on the first 20 seconds of his first match (against Stuttgart, his old team no less), and now was man of the match on the second and scored a goal. Sounds like it was a great deal so far.
  4. His hidden mentals appear to be very good according to my scout as well; I offered him a contract, now I'm just waiting to see if he accepts and comes. He can also boost our shirt sales.
  5. Although I do have the editor enabled, I didn't edit the guy (I've never had hiim on my team so there's no reason I would edit him), but I did check that his PA is 199 so he's one badass player. I loaded an earlier save 5 years before and here's him in his younger years: Yeah I think I'm gonna get the guy, judging from this older image seems his still at his peak, I didn't look at his current CA though. Even if he's 33 he would be the best player in my squad by far. Ironically, my first friendly this season is against Stuttgart, the team he played for 15 years.
  6. Found out this guy is out of contract and he's really good, but he's already 33 and will likely start to decline. Do you think it's worth signing him anyway? His demands:
  7. Then since you say finishing is not important is it better to look for strikers with low finishing so it takes up less CA for his other attributes (since finishing consumes a lot of CA for a striker)?
  8. The end result is not the point here, the problem is FM rating Jordan and Iraq youth players as being more gifted than Uruguays. "Of that small percentage, they have an okay chance of have a decent player." Yes, of that small percentage, they are of higher potential than Uruguay according to FM. It seems the NYR were set for Iraq and Jordan as in a way to balance ratings so that these countries have a way to have some useful regens, but they are going this the wrong way. This balance should be achieved by balancing the clubs instead, not the general nation rating. Let me ask the question again: Why are Iraq and Jordan NYR higher than Uruguay and Sweden? Ignore Youth Coaching and Youth Recruitment, what was the reason the NYR in Iraq and Jordan are so high?
  9. That still doesn't explain the NYR disparity? Why is Jordan higher than Uruguay? Especially since the last time they faced each other off Uruguay beat them 5-0. What's the basis in saying that Jordan must have higher NYR than Uruguay or Sweden? Youth Coaching and Youth Recruitment will of course alter the result but having Jordan's NYR higher than those two countries doesn't make any sense. This is one of the first things I fix before playing by using the editor (and the main reason I don't play FM Classic/Touch since I cannot fix it there).
  10. LOSC has 4 other players that play in his position and two seasons ago they've had their first Champions League season since IRL 2012-2013 season (thats 40 years without playing in champions league since the game is now at 2043) and then they were knocked out in the 1st knockout round by AC Milan 7-1 on aggregate. Swansea has qualified for Champions League 3 times in the last 6 seasons. Last season we came in 3rd place of the group but got to the quarter finals of Europa League. Ligue 1 in 2042 and 2043. Coupe de France in 2036, 2041 and 2043. Coupe de la Ligue in 2043. Even then, if his concern is to win something domestic with Lille, why does he want to leave Tottenham to play in the Champions League? If he wanted to leave to win domestic titles he should have said so. Swansea doesn't have any titles yet but the club has recently been bought by a tycoon. Last season they were doing badly and sacked their manager and I came in; managed to finish 2nd, now we had 230M Euros of money to spend on building a strong team. Now we are considered favorites for winning the league. LOSC has 4 other players that play in DM, M (C) position, as well as 5 other more attacking oriented AMs that can play in MC. They also have 3 other D (R)s. I have only two DM, M (C) (one is transfer listed and the other is a new rotation signing). I have 5 other AMs that can play in MC if needed. I also only have one D (R) and Whyte is versatile enough to play there as well. He has written in his personality page that he wants to come to Swansea because I can offer high wages, therefore he is motivated by money. Here is his fallout with his manager because he didn't accept my bid; the reason given is that he wanted higher wages:
  11. Here are his bonuses; he might have appearance and sub bonuses but this is still a lot less than the always paid higher wages. Also about living cost, have to keep in mind that since I'm Swansea, we are in Wales, not England (not sure if that makes much of a difference in that regard). No reason is given that it's about the club, money or anything of the sort when he moves. Also not sure if that makes any difference but my manager is French. For the explanation of wanting to win something domestic, why would he say he wants to leave Tottenham to play the Champions League then? If winning something domestic was the case he would have given that as a reason. He also mentioned he wanted to leave due to higher wages, why doesn't he accept the higher wages then?
  12. Personality is driven, as shown in the screenshot. If he's bothered about cheaper cost of living (as in financial issues), why would he refuse an offer that is 100k higher per week on wages? Detailed personality: I posted an image of the entire contract negotiation on the first post. What sort of bonus would cover an extra 400K per month — that would also ALWAYS be paid, not as something that is a bonus — to make him prefer their offer? I can't see LOSC's bonuses since it doesn't show up in his contract window, but I'll see if I can with the editor.
  13. LOSC Reputation = 8336 Swansea Reputation = 8046 LOSC Club value = 1.47B Swansea Club Value = 1,53B Small difference, certainly not something that would justify letting turning down 100k higher wages. I'm loading the save because now I'm curious how much it will take to bring him to my team instead; will keep trying to see what happens. The player has no previous opinion of LOSC; the only club in his liked clubs is Tottenham with 100 (supporter).
  14. Tried to buy an English player and offered him 450K (240K after tax). He is currently unhappy at his club (Tottenham) because he wants to play in Champions League and because he knows my team (Swansea) can offer him high wages and is also in Champions League. Next week he declines my offer and goes to Ligue 1 two time consecutive champions LOSC for 250K (140K after tax). Last season I was second place in the Premier League; checked his disliked clubs and Swansea is not there. Competition reputation Premier League is 2nd and Ligue 1 is 4th. Can anybody explain this?
  15. Once the manager walks inside the dressing room, all players immediately stop talking and pay attention. "Lads! This is it. This is the match we were all waiting for." "Why boss? What's so special about this match? It's just a league game." "You don't understand it son, we are about to play against the Human Player." The mood in the locker room shifts; every player has fear stamped on their faces, murmurs and whispers can be heard all across the room. "Lads, prepare to be thrown around, exploited, dominated, it will be the worst ninety minutes of your lives," he pauses, and then shouts again, "Johnson!" "Y-yes sir?" "As the goalkeeper, you will have the worst of it. Prepare to stretch your limbs towards impossible reaches, predict the future, and shadow the entire goal when you are by yourself facing their striker." "But sir...how is that possible?! I've never kept a clean sheet this season!" The manager then takes a heavy breath and shouts so everyone can hear him. "Listen lads, there is an intrinsic potential strength in all of us — one that is only realized fully when we play against a Human Player. We will hold the line and we will win this match." One player, the lone striker in the 5-4-1 formation, speaks up, "Sir, but if we're going to play defensive how will we win this?" The manager grins and replies, "There will be one moment in this match that we will have one shot — that is when we'll score and win the game." The striker is dumbfounded, he replies, "What? One shot? I can't score from one shot! I've yet to score this season! What if-" The manager gets angry and cuts him off, "Son, I was a striker just like you. Don't talk to me like that! I was scoring from one shot before you were even born..." "But how do I do that?" "Just trust in yourself son, you'll find that will be the moment where all your preconceived attributes and ability are irrelevant — you will score." "If you say so, boss..." "Now ready up! The match is about to start, let's go!" The assistant manager, confused, talks to the manager, "Sir, what was all that nonsense?!" "You're new in this league Connor, you've never played against a Human Player. Get ready to see something you never did." He pats the assistant manager in the shoulder and rushes forward toward the end of the tunnel. The assistant manager, still confused, follows him. To be continued...
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