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  1. [Suggestion] Your own Salary

    I have never seen an option to pay for the coaching qualifications yourself, only asking the board. Can you show where it is possible?
  2. Curled shots animation?

    Never seen it happen, it is like other PPMs that have no effect, such as Places Shots, Rounds GK and Lobs GK.
  3. [Suggestion] Your own Salary

    Using your salary to pay for the coaching qualifications instead of the board is valid instead of match fixing or some of these weird suggestions.
  4. (Suggest) Womens Leagues

    Haha can you guys even imagine this? Regens look ridiculous in FM17. Female regens with huge foreheads and mutant chins? oh god!
  5. Re-creating USSR issues

    Thanks for the reply, sounds quite complicated. Well from what i tested the changes i did seem to be enough for things to go well, however i'm having a few problems with nationalities. Sometimes some of the players have a nationality of the removed countries, to prevent this i set for all the previous countries to not allow double nationality, yet i see this happening a few times like having USSR and Kyrgyzstan double nationality, even for regens. This is happening mostly to Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan and Armenia for some reason. I have set so that it takes 4 years to get USSR nationality, but i noticed that players coming in do not have that counter of "days remaining to get nationality", not sure what is going on.
  6. Re-creating USSR issues

    Hello everyone, recently i had the idea to play as if the USSR had never collapsed, but i'm having a few problems setting this up in the editor for FM15. First i got this file in steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=355378221 It adds many teams of former USSR into 6 leagues, but it does not make them all a single country, so i changed Russia to be named U.S.S.R. and moved all cities, players, clubs and region locations to this U.S.S.R. i created. So far it seems to work fine but i have two problems, first the population is stuck at 142M which is Russia's population, when it should be close to 300M with all 15 countries combined. For the former countries i also removed them all from FIFA and reduced their reputation etc, so they have no clubs or players anymore, however i noticed they still have their original population settings. I also noticed that some of them are still having friendly matches or qualification matches (probably something that was already scheduled). Is it possible to fix the population issue? And what about the schedules for these "former" countries, can i remove them if i edit the competitions themselves or is it safer not to? Should there be other things i should check to see if all is working well? I simulated a year to test and it all seems ok, is it possible to define the youth intake dates? So far i think all the things seem to be working, everyone born in any of the USSR cities gets the soviet nationality, and if i for example set my manager as born in a Kazakh city, i get both Russian and Kazakh languages, and from what i saw the names seem to be based on the city, as i had Lithuanian soviets with correct name, language and soviet nationality. I also noticed the appearance of the regens seem to be based on the city, as i had very arab looking regens for some of the countries, and asian regens for Kazakhstan so things seem to be working pretty well.
  7. There is a problem in the game that you have to ask the board to pay coaching courses for you, even though you may get enough to pay for it in 1 week with your own wages. The only thing i see that the money could be used for is this, and its even more interesting to have since it solves a problem in the current game. Other staff pay for their own coaching courses i think? I don't remember.
  8. Another problem with regens is that the current players on the database are extremely versatile, sometimes playing on all 4 wing options (even at both sides sometimes), while regens rarely have so many positions on the wings. Retraining them is a possibility yes, but it takes a full season or more to have an effect. Another problem is that currently in real world there are very old players that have good abilities, but as soon as you begin the game they drop their skills massively once they reach 32 years, and as for regens they are unplayable once they get to 34 years.