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  1. I have a player who seems to be suffering pressure according to assistant manager, but the guy is playing alright most of the time. What should i do?
  2. GoldenGoal

    FM18 Regens

    I actually think they look good. Anyone tried installing a hairpack to see how they would look? Judging by their image i think the FM15 hairpack format would be suitable because of their distance in the image, but i wouldn't know. Faces seem to be reasonably varied. A few have strange proportion but mostly i think they look way better than FM17. Now they just need to fix the shading bug and it will look pretty good i think.
  3. GoldenGoal

    Fm 18 no regen faces

    About the regen 3d faces, it's hard to see because the faces are too small, but it doesn't look good, the guy looks super pale like a vampire. In one side you have to compliment SI for adding something like player coming out as gay and on the other side you have to criticize SI for aggressively shutting down (especially the developer of the game himself) and censoring fans of the game who ask about the manager photos. One good move, one bad move lol. It's very strange at this point, honestly i'm not even asking for it to be back, i just wanted to know the reason. At this point all devs and mods are defending it to the death but not providing any legitimate reason. Even the post made by the developer just deflects the question instead of giving technical answers, which only points out that there is no legitimate reason for this removal other than the fact that they removed because they wanted to. I mean, take a look at the post by the developer of the game Lucas Weatherby. All deflections, no real answers, and then blames the ones asking for the reason saying they should not dare to question SI, or the game would never improve. All these arguments by SI developers and moderators have been debunked already, leading them to lock threads when they are cornered. How about giving a real reason why this was removed? How was removing it necessary to improve the game? That's all we are asking. Lol. All the posts about this topic have now been locked and this one will soon be as well, it seems someone is really proud of the 3d faces and wants people to use it, and isn't taking a no for an answer.
  4. GoldenGoal

    Real Manager photo

    Already disproven by FM16 and FM17. Both games had 3d bodies and are possible to add 2d picture.
  5. GoldenGoal

    Real Manager photo

    This is irrelevant. FM16 and FM17 had the real 3d representation on the pitch, yet photos can be used without issue (using facepack method for FM17 and normally with FM16). Proof 1, Proof 2 You might reply then that in FM17 it was the first to incorporate the camera face scan, then this is why photos might be disabled. For two reasons it is wrong to say this, first is that like shown in the 2 proofs above, even if you have a camera pic you can add the photo in FM17. The second is that not everyone will use the camera face scan, some would create the face in the 3d thing, so having the face scan thing disabling the photo is irrelevant because not everyone will use it, so there is no need to disable the real photos for this reason. Who even cares about the manager in the touchline anyway? You can barely see since the camera never gets that close. I played FM16 in the past, now i'm back playing FM15 and i didn't miss it at all. I also enjoy that in FM15 i can put a picture and change it anytime i want to, as it should be. Honestly, if SI just gives a good explanation for this removal we would be much more understandable, this very disrespectful by SI.
  6. GoldenGoal

    Real Manager photo

    The same can still be done with any individual, all you gotta do is get whatever image you want and link with their game ID (this is how facepacks are made), so you can still upload an obscene image to be Messi's face. So if the reason they removed the picture upload is what you stated, that would be ok i suppose, but then for some reason they went far deeper and removed the facepack method just for the player character. Therefore that cannot be the reason because you can still put obscene stuff in the game by linking it to other individuals. If they wanted to disable obscene images at all in the game, they would remove the possibility of adding images to everybody, yet they did not, curiously they just removed it for the player character.
  7. GoldenGoal

    Real Manager photo

    Yeah i don't even know what is going on about this, feels like some sort of illuminati thing going on. Even the moderators are not allowed to talk negative stuff about this and must defend it at all costs. I get that SI seem to be proud of the 3d face creator, but what is wrong with having an option? We are not asking for the 3d creator to be removed, it can stay, we just want to be able to use pictures too. It's like if you go and buy a burguer, you want to have mustard and ketchup packets, but the clerk sees you using both (FM16) and dislikes seeing you doing so (even though it's not him eating the burguer), and forces you to use just mustard because that is what he likes (FM17, FM18). The cook is forcing those that like both, the ones that like just ketchup and those who don't like either to have to eat with mustard from now on. Those that like just mustard (the ones happy with the 3d face gen) won't care i suppose. Seriously, just let me decide what i want to have when i eat, just give me the food and don't try to tell me how i should eat. Oh no! I remember now! The burguer vans in the match engine stadiums! This was foretold!
  8. Well at least you agree that It is nonsensical. As shown in FM16 and FM17 it is possible to have face creation and photo together without causing issues to the game. So it cannot be a technical reason. The only other reason given by the game creator is nonsensical: "2d photos don't look good on 3d bodies." This one i explained before. Other individuals, who have 3d bodies in the game, can have a photo assigned to them. Player character, who has a 3d body in the game, cannot have a photo assigned to them. This was removed by SI, but the other individuals who have 3d bodies, can still have a photo used. Their possibility to have a photo was not removed. So if it is still because "2d photos don't look good on 3d bodies." he is wrong or lying, as individuals with 3d bodies can still have photos.
  9. Not true. In FM16 managers have 3d faces and can have a photo as well. In FM17 managers have 3d faces and can have a photo as well (with the trick). In FM17 post patch managers have 3d faces and can have a photo as well (with the trick but only when starting a new game, cannot be changed later). As we can see from this summary, the faces and photo usage being possible at the same time in FM16 and FM17 show that it is possible to work in the game with no technical issues. But SI are working very hard to disable this feature, for nonsensical reasons.
  10. Why are you guessing? You posted Miles twitter, which clearly states the reason, there is nothing to guess here. The reason, as stated in the image, was: "2d photos don't look good on 3d bodies." Which is a totally flawed answer, since other individuals who have 3d bodies can be assigned 2d photos. It was possible to add in past FMs and even FM17, but then they changed it. There was no technical impact since it works in FM17 with the file editing. How is this offering more? This is offering less: FM15 and before = Can use photo. = 1 option FM16 = Can use photo, can create 3d face. = 2 options FM17 = Can create 3d face, can use photo by adjusting game files. = 2 options FM17 post patch = Can create 3d face. = 1 option FM18 = Can create 3d face. = 1 option
  11. One thing i forgot to mention in my post that also disproves all these reasons given: There was a way to add an photo in fm17 by changing some interface files (proof 1, proof 2), the photo worked without causing any problems, but then SI simply removed this possibility in a patch, FORCING other people to use the 3d face whether they wanted it or not. What's next? Can only play 4-3-3 formations? Only be of english nationality and play Watford?
  12. This is totally false, in FM 16 you can make the face, but you can still add a photo in the game options, when you are creating, and i think also if you make one using the ID (like a facepack). So why not anymore? Other managers can be seen in the touchline with a 3D body, yet facepacks can still be installed for them, so why not for the user? Players can be seen in the field with a 3d body, yet facepacks can still be installed for them, so why not for the user? Regens can be seen in the field with a 3d body, yet facepacks can still be installed for them (in the same way by picking their ID and creating a image), so why not for the user? Referees can be seen in the field with a 3d body, yet facepacks can still be installed for them, so why not for the user? It's quite sad to see that he now wants to dictate how others should play.
  13. GoldenGoal

    Football Manager TV: Matchday

    Well i have to say, the over-emphasizing on interface changes in these videos for the past few editions of the game seems to show that SI don't have many new feature ideas to add, and keep emphasizing all the time how x (which was already in the game) is now easier to see or on a different location of the screen. I mean we had skins with interface changes and/or improvements since 2005, how is this something that needs to be mentioned again and again?