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  1. So even with players that have their pictures in the game their 3d hair still has to be randomized because of licensing issues? Can use the player pic in the game but not his likeness? Lol, ok.
  2. I have said very clearly in my post that I think only the regens are off while the rest of the graphics are fine. No sense in complaining about other poster's destructive behaviors if you're going to do the same and misconstrue my posts. Going back on newgen graphics at no point implies I want the whole game to downgrade; you're the one going for a hyperbole.
  3. I'll keep using it as long as the faces suck; if faces in FM2x are better, then I'll stop using it. One doesn't have to go far to find those "worst possible faces" when they play FM 17-19; almost every face is ridiculous. It's not my problem if they are "only two years with 3D tech", they should use this feature when it's actually prepared, not something that's in an alpha stage for 3 games straight. The fact that FIFA's generated players aren't good does not mean people cannot criticize FM's generated faces. I have no issues with the other graphics, I think FM match engine is fine as it is now, it's just the regens that are very, very off. Easy. Just restore faces to pre-FM 17 types and problem solved.
  4. The reason is that they are taking some more time to bring our favorite feature presenter back for FM2020.
  5. So the club doesn't want to sell for 60m unless the human manager "pays the earth", so the human manager does so by offering 2x and the offer is still not accepted. Then the AI is happy to sell to another club for 60m and miss another 60m just because of "being a rival". I wonder what the board or whomever deals with the transfers in this club was thinking when they made this decision. "Ah, our asking price was met by this club, time to sell this player and make some money!" "But sir, why don't we accept the offer of club X who offered double and being twice as rich?" "Who cares about money nowadays? AWAY WITH THEIR FILTHY RIVAL MONEY!" That sounds really unrealistic and I've encountered this issue several times when making offers to the AI. The AI doesn't want to sell to me for more than double the price but is happy to sell for any other club (while we are not rivals and the club they sell for may be a rival). Seems to be something that is based on a human manager making an offer. They don't want to sell even for an unrealistic price, that's the issue here. Why would the club pass away on this crazy offer for more money by accepting a much lesser deal instead? Needless to say this isn't limited to player transfers because it also happens to player wages. I've seen players a lot of times demanding very high wages from me and then even when these demands are met they go for a lesser club that is not from their home nation for much lesser wages. Even if as you say it's "working fine" in the game, there needs to be better limiters for this kind of thing. If an offer is of a high value such as 60m and there is an offer that is 50% higher or 100% higher, this extra value should be more than enough to surpass an additional "sell to a rival" added price, otherwise you end up with unrealistic situations such as this one.
  6. Which is odd actually, since he is way better than the guy listed as #1. Not all coaches in my team have that view however, some list Girard as #1. This is the other guy, I actually use him as a AM (R) and rarely as AM (C):
  7. I didn't edit him if that's what you're implying. CA is listed at 197.
  8. I got the guy. He provided an assist on the first 20 seconds of his first match (against Stuttgart, his old team no less), and now was man of the match on the second and scored a goal. Sounds like it was a great deal so far.
  9. His hidden mentals appear to be very good according to my scout as well; I offered him a contract, now I'm just waiting to see if he accepts and comes. He can also boost our shirt sales.
  10. Although I do have the editor enabled, I didn't edit the guy (I've never had hiim on my team so there's no reason I would edit him), but I did check that his PA is 199 so he's one badass player. I loaded an earlier save 5 years before and here's him in his younger years: Yeah I think I'm gonna get the guy, judging from this older image seems his still at his peak, I didn't look at his current CA though. Even if he's 33 he would be the best player in my squad by far. Ironically, my first friendly this season is against Stuttgart, the team he played for 15 years.
  11. Found out this guy is out of contract and he's really good, but he's already 33 and will likely start to decline. Do you think it's worth signing him anyway? His demands:
  12. Then since you say finishing is not important is it better to look for strikers with low finishing so it takes up less CA for his other attributes (since finishing consumes a lot of CA for a striker)?
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