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  1. I have been looking at the development of this for a long time and if you're looking for testers I'd be very interested in lending a hand. The USSR editor file for FM15 was one of my favorites so I'm really excited for this one.
  2. Yeah I've been watching some streams and the strikers are way better, actually finishing chances and 1v1s which is great to see. I'll still wait for release before buying in case the devs nerf strikers too much.
  3. Hi, could someone please post some regen faces besides the manager one? Was curious how they look, they look real good this year from the few examples I've seen.
  4. How is the ME? Are strikers actually useful this time around? Do they try to find space more often and actually score 1 on 1s?
  5. I don't think I need to say anything, just watch the video...lol. Man City vs Burnley_46 minutes_2.ogv Yeah...
  6. I've been playing since FM2005 (but skipped 17, 18 and 19) and this ME is the worst of all I've played. I am 1st place in the premier league with 18 goals scored and 1 conceded and I'm close to uninstalling the game. The strikers and their finishing are so atrocious that I can play on full attack without any worry of counter attacks because the AI strikers can never score. The strikers just stand around doing nothing, they don't even try to move around to find space and if they do find themselves with a chance they will only score by accident. My fullbacks and midfielders are much be
  7. Doesn't that work both ways? What if his opponent's GK was lowly rated and had low morale?
  8. I think 15(7)/10 is just ok. My IF has 25(3)/13 and another midfielder 20(4)/8.
  9. It's not just me that can't make strikers work, the AI seems to have ridiculous issues with it as well. Of all the 10 goals scored against me in 29 games, only 2 were scored by strikers. But I guess it's my fault playing "super defensive exploit tactics" lol cause we all know the game is perfect.
  10. I actually gave up on strikers on this version. My IF, wingers and midfielders have been scoring a lot more with harder chances/angles and lower attributes. It's been so silly that I've only conceded 10 goals in 29 matches because the AI strikers suck as well. The long shots on this version are particularly absurd, I've scored so many of them and my players have long shots stats below 10. I have a striker on my formation but honestly whomever plays there seems useless, does nothing all day to unmark himself and when he has a chance he shoots straight at the GK. At least he draws defe
  11. Yeah I was just trying to make stuff more dynamic, hence the IWB to try to underlap while the winger stays wide. Wasn't going pure wide play I suppose, tried to have some alternative ways of attacking other than only wide. I'll remove the overlap and underlap and see how it goes.
  12. I tried setting strikers various things, from more simple roles to creative ones, but I'll give DLF - A a try. What changes would you make for wing play? I chose it because wingers at the club are good and I was also interested in seeing IFs play since last club I played I didn't use them.
  13. I have checked him with the editor, besides speaking german he has good french language skills (6/10), he has no liked or disliked clubs (so no preference or hate over Koln and Monaco). He has 3 favorite personnel, 2 are in Wolfsburg and 1 is retired. So yeah I see no reason why he would choose second divison Koln over first division Monaco. I'll have to wait until the end of the season to see how much they offered him which might be the reason for it.
  14. Hi. I took over Monaco this season (2045 so only newgens) and noticed they had plenty of good two footed wingers and fast players everywhere, so I tried creating a tactic around that. I took the default wing play and made some adjustments. I also want to keep a tight end at the back so I don't tend to have many players at attacking mentality. The idea is to distribute to the wingers so they can cross or come inside the box and look for pass or goal. I don't mind about possession much; if I'm playing a possession oriented team I up the pressure to try to get the ball more. We are now
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