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  1. Ok guys I think many of us have tried and had some sucses with the fuss tactics, But which do you all think is the best of the 4.
  2. Started a new Game with the latest patch 7.02. And having spent a good hour reading the the entire post I felt confident that I could have some success with the Fuss tactic sets. I chose to have CA off at all times seemed to play better without it. I picked Blackburn Rovers as my team and chose V4 as my system. After eleven games I was snd in the prem only 4 points behind arsenal. I managed a 2-0 win over chelsea, 2-0 oner spurs away. I beat liverpool 2-0 in the cup and 2-0 in the leauge and all this with the standard blackburn side, I was flying. Then it all went horribly wrong I lost 5 on the trot and havnt scored in 4 games. I have read up on reranking and took off CA but still nothing what am i doing wrong guys.
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