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  1. Thanks, super as always! Do we get weekly updates during the transfer window?
  2. Can you give us an indication when the next update is coming? Always a big fan of the FMinside updates
  3. Looking very much forward too it! In the meantime still giving the Evergreen a go. Also found out that Tianxia is not bad either on FM17
  4. First of all thanks for your great tactics Mr Rosler! Was a big fan of your Tianxia tactic on FM16. Currently I am using the Evergreen with my Cambuur save on the second tier in Dutch Football. Although my squad is not a 100% fit for the tactic, lots of wingers.., we are in first place at the winter break. Now I am searching for new signings for hopefully a campaign at the highest level. Could you please give me a rundown of every position what you are looking for, attribute wise? Thanks in advance!
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