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  1. I have confirmed that this problem is due to the fact that the skin is enlarged to 125% or more, and that at 100% zoom, there is no such problem. Please ask how to solve it because I use a 4K screen and I must enlarge it.
  2. 现在随着高分屏的普及,越来越多的玩家都拥有2K、4K这样的高分屏,我用的是4K屏幕,在100%的缩放比例下,界面的字体和图标都显示很小,而放大到150%或者其他更高的缩放比例时,有的界面显示不完整,请开发人员考虑下,能原生在100%的缩放比例下支持高分辨率屏幕,谢谢了
  3. This is a very good skin, but there is a small problem. In the interface of the game, the scoreboard shows garbled characters. I use the Chinese language. How can I solve this problem? Thank you very much
  4. 终于有中文区了,天津权健参加的亚冠,不是天津亿利
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