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  1. Can Fm be used to predict real soccer matches.If yes, how accurate is it?
  2. Forcing Play.

    Take a look at this clip there is this manager is coaching little kids he insists on just having one holding midfielder and two defenders.
  3. Forcing Play.

    The wings combinations do make sense and I think i'll adjust them to see how I'll fair.Now the reason why I set the central midfielder to attack what I read in a site called Football Manager guide 2017,He argues that the midfield needs to perform 4 tasks protecting the defence,win back possession,linking play and creating chances. Won't the cm with a support be less of a menace going forward, since this is a defensive triangle?
  4. Forcing Play.

    Hi,here are my tactics
  5. Hi,suppose my team's weakest point is the flanks but I'm strong in the middle and I want to force the opposition to go inside.How does one go about this?
  6. Hi, Does any one know a good article here or anywhere that describes football transition shapes and phases?I'm especially looking the 3-4-2-1.
  7. Is it just me or is Cleon's Attacking Football's screen shots not working?I can't see them it's seems the links are broken.
  8. Hi how important is the reputation you start with as a manager?If you start as a Sunday league player with no coaching badges will you struggle if you manage a top club like Liverpool,Real Madrid,Juventus e.t.c?Or doest it really matter?