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  1. Match ratings are quite important to get right because surly this effects tons of under the hood stuff, such as player confidence, player value, player development etc. Very rarely do you see GK with average ratings above 7.00 same for defensive midfielders.
  2. For me there is only one thing that matters... the ME. Last years was a disappointment, mostly down to the attacking 1/3, I hope SI have worked on attacking play for FM20. Looking forward to seeing some ME gameplay and information. If you don't have a decent ME the rest of the game is pointless in my humble opinion!!
  3. In FM20 this year all I care about is a new ME, updated database and AI squad building. Personally I don't care about new headline features but, I do understand the need for them.... I was honesty left disappointed with FM19 ME, very disappointed indeed. I've only recorded 30 odd hours of gameplay in FM19, and in fairness this time was mostly spent experimenting why the ME was so badly broken. I'm very surprised the majority of people don't care about the ME?? Personally I don't get how people can enjoy the FM19 ME, its so predictable. Therefore the top of my wish list is a vastly improved and better balanced ME, I know its never going to be perfect, for me the ME is the heart beat of the game and fundamentally the most important mechanic, it needs to be right. Last years ME suffered massively with the following problems: 1, Long Shots - Ball winning midfielders outscoring strikers, roughly 20% of all goals are scored from outside the area 2, No forward/through ball passes - Too many times players opt to play the ball sideways, the AMC role this year was pointless, you were lucky to see 4/5 forward passes in the whole match, probably this is a consequence of poor striker movement. 3, Too many crosses - because so many passes are going sideways this in turn increases the number crosses 4, Bonus one - not enough variety in goals, most goals come from set pieces, long shots or crosses If FM20 can improve the 4 issues above this will make me happy!! I would love to read or watch a Dev blog on how the ME is worked on etc. I understand it has over million lines of code which is insane and the slightest tweak can have major knock-on effects, perhaps it will give me and many others a greater appreciated of the complexities involved!!
  4. Yes I would be happy with being able to load 5 nations... something like, England’s, Germany, Spain, Italy and France. Pretty please..
  5. But, surly 5 years on we should start to see some improvements with expanded game worlds...?
  6. FM 2015 was released onto iOS in April 2015 (I think) and lets be honest it was an impressive achievement to port FM classic to iOS. This was basically FM but on my iOS device, I couldn’t really believe it at the time. I could now play FM whenever and wherever I wanted but, there were however a few limitations and differences between iOS and PC. For me the biggest difference was the 3 nation restriction and 4/5 years later we have the same restriction. At the time this restriction was needed as FM classic was a highly detailed game running on low end hardware, however as the years have passed iOS hardware is now on par with new i5 and i7 laptops (the iPad Pro 3rd gen is a monster spec device) but, fast forward to FMT 2019 we still have the 3 nation limit. I really hope the devs at SI can make use of the extra hardware power of the latest iOS devices. During the initial game world setup I’d love to see the option to load a larger database and include more nations. It needs to work similar to the PC version where higher spec systems can run bigger game worlds. Let the user decide between fast processing times or more detailed immersive game world, todays market is all about giving the consumer options and flexibility. I know FMT needs to be fast paced but I’m sure most people who play FM would compromise on a slower processing speed to have a few more nations loaded. The current system on FMT is outdated now and we should have the option to load in more nations, for me 3 nations isn’t immersive enough at the very minimum we should be able to include 5 nations for the more powerful devices.
  7. I was thinking of buying fm19 for my iPad Pro 11 but was hoping if someone could confirm if the battery drain issue has been fixed and if the screen size has been fixed?
  8. Hoping for an answer from a Dev.... Will difficulty be tweaked in the next update to make the game a little harder while playing at bigger clubs?
  9. An option/menu to increase the number of nations you can load in relation to tablet specs, Modern iPads as just as powerful as laptops these days
  10. iPad pro 11 support would be nice. Plus with such a powerful device the ability to select the number of nations to load is needed.
  11. Have we received a few tweaks to the difficulty level in recent months? I was put off this game to due to the too easy comments.
  12. Please Increase the 3 nation limit, the newer iPads are more powerful than most laptops and therefore can handle many more leagues and nations. Being restricted to 3 nations isn’t immersive enough for me. We’ve had the 3 nation limit since FM Touch was first introduced 4 to 5 years ago, surly we are due an upgrade in this area. Tablets are capable of more these days.
  13. I've not just checked my own stats but also looked at AI controlled teams and roughly 25% of goals scored in the current ME are from outside of the box, is this too high?
  14. Then this game isn't for me... that's a shame. Maybe FMH 20.
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