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  1. Some official feedback on the lack of central play would be nice. Unfortunately I don't think this is something that will be fixed in the last patch. I hope im wrong though.
  2. I'm sure I read somewhere that improved striker movement was a big part of the new ME for fm20, seems like a lack of striker movement in the final 1/3 is still an issue.
  3. Thinking about it, watching ai vs ai should give an accurate interpretation of the ME how else wouls SI test the ME?
  4. I'm surprised ai vs ai is vastly different to human play and I'm surprised ai playing against humans has an effect on the types of goals scored. From my own oberservations ai v ai I see very little goal variation to the point where I think its not playable. I'm amazed how different people interpret the ME for me it's quite clear, central play is a big missing component to the ME.
  5. I haven't actually played any games since the ME beta. I assumed watching AI games would give a true indication of how the ME performed, am I wrong? Do you see through balls from AI teams in your games?
  6. Fair enough, but surly this proves big sections of code within the ME are rotten and therefore isn't right, it sort of ruins the integrity of the game world? I'm not expecting a perfect ME there will always be issues but, the lack of central play and goal variety is a big one for me personally. Since FM19 we've had big issues with the lack of central play. id love an update from SI on why/how weve got such a problem that hasn't been fixed for two years, and SI haven't really acknowledged it. I've been a fan and loyal customer since the Amiga days buying PC versions, Ipad version, mobile etc. I kinda feel as though SI should answer my legimate question as to why we have issues with central play and perhaps whats being done to try and fix it? I have brought every version on release. Next years version, lets just say I will perhaps try the demo first as ive lost a bit of faith in SI at this point. Don't get me wrong I love the franchise but Ive reached a point where im a bit fed up. Im now playing FM18 and having some fun again, so im still getting my FM fix!!!
  7. Simply watch a few Ai vs Ai goals and you will very quickly notice trends.
  8. This is the variety of goals we have in the current ME. Sample taken from just one round of Prem games but, in fairness I've watched a lot of AI vs Ai games and this is very typical, rinse and repeat every time. Tactics don't make a difference to the type of goals scored. Too many goals from set pieces, crosses and long shots. There's simply not enough variety or randomness which results in a boring and predictable ME. Assists Corner 6 Free Kick 3 pen 1 cross 5 solo 1 long shot 3 short pass 1 Newcastle v Burnley.pkm Aston Villa v Liverpool.pkm Arsenal v Crystal Palace.pkm Chelsea v Man City.pkm Everton v Southampton.pkm Everton v Southampton.pkm Man Utd v Sheff Utd.pkm Leicester v Bournemouth.pkm
  9. This is an awesome bit of play, unfortunately doesn't happen no where near enough, perhaps 1 in 30 goals are scored this way
  10. Your wrong I'm afraid. I've not even played a single game, my obersavtions have come from watching ai vs ai games. Out of watching at least 30 games I've seen one goal from a through ball. Devs am I wrong?
  11. I never said it didn't happen I said it rarely happens, I bet your next 10 goals came from either crosses, set peices or long shots.
  12. Well whatever the reason at the end of the day central play, open play and through balls very rarely happen, regardless of my tactics or AI tactics. I don't get why people defend it, you must get bored watching the same type of goals being scored over and over again
  13. Well I do. Watching the AI games shows how flawed the ME is towards open play.
  14. Well I'm surprised, the ME im using is bad. Watch a round of ai v ai games with goals only and you will notice trends in goals scored no one can deny it because its a fact, set peices, crosses and long shot rince and repeat. Come on people surly this isn't good enough.
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