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  1. I'm disappointed to report that I don't see a noticeable improvement with this issue. Jemals original post seems closer to the truth? Will we see any further tweaks for 19.3? Thanks
  2. Well fair enough, must be just me then, but I can guarantee that a very small percentage of those 14 assists were defence splitting through balls.
  3. @HUNT3R I bet most of those 14 assists are simple little passes resulting in long distance screamers? The ME can produce nice through balls but they are few and far between, i'd say roughly 3-5% of assists are true through balls. Most assists are from crosses, set pieces or short passes with a long shot, there just not enough variety and it becomes boring. Your playing the same ME as me you must see it, its SO obvious?!? Just watch a few ai vs ai games. I've watched tons of ai vs ai to know. Its a fact that we need more variety in assists in FM19. To be fair though FM18 wasn't much better, that ME was over reliant on wing play.
  4. I doubt anything can be done for 19.3 these issues were obvious during the beta videos. I’d like to be wrong but I’ve lost hope for fm19
  5. But, you only need to view ai vs ai to know that different tactics don’t effect the variety of goals in the current ME
  6. This years ME is not good enough, and the latest patch hasn’t addressed any of the issues for me. The key problems are all in the final 1/3. Such as... lack of free flowing counter attacking football Lack of central play with through balls lack of striker movement Too many goals from corners Too many goals from outside the box Similar goals being scored, either set pieces, crosses, rebounds or long range screamers. It’s not my tactics because I’ve watched tons of games ai v ai and it’s the same old story. The ME is predictable, boring and painful to watch. its disappointing for me to write this as I do love the devs for their dedication and hard work and I love the franchise it’s been my favourite game for decades. I do expect a ME with bugs and balance problems it’s never going to be perfect but I just think we have too many key problems with the current ME.
  7. ME1926 still doesn’t produce nowhere near enough through balls resulting in assists, predictable most assists are from set pieces or crosses. I have only played a handful of games but watched quite a few ai vs ai games and my first impression is that there isn’t a notcibale change. I’ll continue to play some more and provide some feedback in the ME beta forum.
  8. Sorry.. what does this exactly mean? Does it mean that 19.3 hasn't been officially released, but SI have released a beta version of 19.3?
  9. Not had a chance try the new beta yet.... does anyone have any feedback on central play and attacking movement in the final 1/3
  10. I've gotta say I had the most fun with FM07, its been my favourite edition. I also believe it had the best ever skin. It was a really good game. Oh.. and I loved Freddy Adu in it a 15 year old wonder kid. I've attached a couple of screen shots to remind people how cool the skin was! Great memories with this version.
  11. No this isn’t correct anymore, read above posts. The ME will never be perfect but changes to striker movement should be improved.
  12. That post wasn’t entirely correct, and has been removed, it turns out that improvements in forward movement has been tweaked for all striker roles and we should see a notciable improvement. Which is good news. I guess we just need to wait and see and test 19.3 ME for ourselves.
  13. Ive just read that central play won’t be fully fixed for FM19 and only the DLF and the F9 have been tweaked in the way they operate, yielding a slight more variety in goals. They are aware attacking movement needs a lot more work and will look to revamp attacking movement for FM20. Im a bit disappointed to be honest but at least they have have made some attempt to fix it which is better than nothing, I guess roll on November......
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