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  1. I can’t believe we’re still stuck with a ME that hasn’t addressed the issues with central play, through balls, amount of goals scored from corners, long range goals and striker movements. It’s a massive blow, for me the current ME is really broken and not enjoyable. I know it’s a subjective opinion but it’s how I feel. The issue with striker movement and lack of through balls must be very deep routed and difficult to fix, but this issue was obvious to see during the beta stages and it still hasn’t been fixed, not good. I’m not a very happy customer. SI are not going to please everyone and I understand that, I guess fm19 isn’t for me this year. The worrying thing is that SI believe this to be the best ME ever released, yes in many respects the ME is amazing, but it’s completely broken in the attacking third, it’s painful to watch. Sorry SI I know you work hard etc but this current ME needs major rework in said areas. At least I’ve got plenty of time to play other games now.....
  2. Weller1980

    Why FM19 > FM18?

    Outside of the ME, FM19 is good. However the current ME in FM19 isn't in my opinion good enough, mainly down to the much talked about "lack of central play and striker movement" Which was evident during the beta phase of FM19. The ME is the heart and soul of any FM game and its sad that we have major issues with it. I know its a complex code and difficult to balance but watching a game of football with no through balls or central play is difficult to watch, especially when your tactics have been refined to play in that style. I am however remaining positive SI can produce a small miracle and fix the issue in time for patch 19.2
  3. We really do need a significant ME update to help balance central play. I hope the problem isn't to deep routed and can be fixed or at least improved for version 19.2 The last 2-3 years we haven't received significant ME fixes for the winter transfer update, so this could be the last meaningful ME update.
  4. @Neil Brock can I ask this ME that is currently in test, is this pending beta release or an already released ME? And has there been tweaks to central play in said ME? I appreciate your feedback in this thread, you have a tough job.
  5. Ok fair enough, good point.
  6. @Rashidi is your amc still bossing the game? Or do you agree with the rest of us yet?
  7. @RTHerringboneBut, surly SI don’t need examples from us, it’s so easy to replicate, every match I play yields the same outcome, no central play no through balls, it’s so blatantly obvious. It’s not as if it’s a rare bug or a subjective opinion, every match is exactly the same. Its been a problem since the fm19 beta, like @Mensell76I’m beginning to worry it’s a deep rooted code issue and something that can’t be fixed for fm19. Some feedback on central play from SI would be great at this point. Anyone from the ME team care to share their thoughts?
  8. @Hugo Mendes AlbinoOut of 83 passes only 5 (6%) were forward passes and only 1 forward pass in the attacking 1/3. This is my Advanced playmaker with instructions to take risks and play direct. Also the forward passes which are completed are always out wide, like the example below... Burnley v Liverpool.pkm
  9. I read your excellent post in the ME bug forum regarding this matter, this alone proves SI really do listen to our feedback. I just hope we get a big juicy update for through balls, central play and striker movement off the ball. Slightly off topic I must say im very impressed with SI's communication and support for FM19. Its nice to see the community and SI working together so well. The public beta was such a positive and refreshing change!!
  10. @Hugo Mendes Albino @Mensell76 Out of the two pkm samples Lallana made a total of 100 passes of which 12 were forward passes. 3 of those forward passes he had plenty of time to turn and pass, 1 was a clearance from a corner, 1 or 2 were flick ons, 1 he was running sideways and had no other option but to pass forward and the rest he was already facing forward and just made a simple short pass forward. These are his player instructions Lallana AMC Playmaker v Brighton.pkm Lallama AMC Playmaker v West Ham.pkm
  11. Yea I’d love to see that too. AMC get no love from me they are currently useless in this ME. I will upload a pkm or two later.
  12. I dont understand? Do you want to see the timeframes of the forward passes?
  13. Yea, it’s a massive issue, I hope SI can fix it or at least improve the situation. For me this issue is game breaking. I like to try to create a style of play whereby we create lots of central play with through balls, the current ME won’t let me play in this style.
  14. AMC role still a problem, they don't produce enough forward passes.. Screen shot below Adam Lallana out of 60 passes only 6 were positive forward passes in the entire match, around 15 backward passes and the vast majority were sideways passes. Lallana's is an advanced playmaker with instruction to play more direct and take more risks. Please let me know if you need further examples but, I think it quite an obvious balance issue and has been since beta. I hope SI are aware and we get a fix.
  15. AMC role still a problem, they don't create enough forward passes.. Screen shot below Adam Lallana out of 60 passes made only 6 forward passes, the vast majority were sideways passes Lallana's is an advanced playmaker with instruction to play more direct and take more risks. On a plus note goals seem more varied now but, lacking through ball assists. Less goals from corners so far.... The ME needs more chances created from central positions, but overall the ME is improved over previous versions.