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  1. Overall I like the ui, however one big improvement could be the tactics screen, I find it difficult to chose players because their position aren't easily seen, its especially difficult when it's a new team and your getting to know the players. I would like the squad list screen merged with the tactics screen or at least put the players default position underneath their name like the tactics screen during a match.
  2. As rubbish as it is i agree with you, we all need to learn to accept that FM will always have bugs and the best time to buy FM in Feb/March when it has the latest update and is on sale for a very good price. Over the years ive become way more aware of bugs and balance issues, i remember the days when i didn't really notice bugs in FM and played along without a care in the world, now all sorts of things annoy me and over the last 3 years this has prevented me from playing FM. Now im just trying to learn to play and accept the fact FM will Always have issues.
  3. The player ratings bug/balance issue effects everyone's games, its just most people don't analyse data from outside their team and therefore don't notice it. Active leagues struggle generating positive average ratings over the course of the season, more so outside the elite leagues see screenshot below. Only 4 strikers with an average rating of above 7.00 that isn't right surly?
  4. As per normal silence from SI. I think quite a few us would like to know if this player rating issue is still being worked on for the feb/march update.
  5. This ^ Id also like to know if this is still under investigation.
  6. Has there been any feedback from SI on player ratings?
  7. Check this screen and tell me there isn't a problem with player ratings. One complete season and only four strikers with an average rating over 7 is this right? And in fairness 2 of those 4 players started less than 10 games. This is game breaking and I don't get why more people are not noticing it?
  8. I've gotta say the low player ratings is ruining my game. Before xmas there was a big fuss about low player ratings we since received a hotfix which in my opinion hasn't helped especially with attacking players and now the fuss has died down. I don't understand why...?? I honestly still thinks its really bad and spoiling the game along with AI mentalities when losing.
  9. I don't get it am I doing something wrong? I played a complete season in league one with the latest update and searched for strikers with an average rating 7.00 or above and in total there are 3 strikers within the whole league with a rating above 7.00. Within a the search parameters I unticked the interested box and put league appearances above 10 am I missing something? Are others seeing the same thing and is this right?
  10. @CJ RamsonAppreciate the feedback but you said on the 2nd Dec this was currently under review here we are one month on and it's still being investigated? Are you no closer to identifying what's wrong? Reading between the lines I worry this won't be fixed for fm2021 can you give any reassurances this will be fixed for fm21? Thanks
  11. I think its fair to say its not happening in every game. I see plenty of occasions when teams are 1-0 or 2-0 down and come back to either win or draw. Is there a particular scenario which triggers managers to go defensive? Anyway i don't think the problem is as bad as initially thought?
  12. Here you go..... Newcastle zero shots on goal. Man City v Newcastle.pkm
  13. Im disappointed the AI match mentality when losing (especially away from home and being the underdog) wasn't fixed. Probably the most annoying thing is the complete silence from the Dev team regarding the issue. @GOODNAMEhas a good thread in the bugs section highlighting the issue brilliantly and some of the examples haven't even been downloaded. Can i please ask the Devs for some feedback on this issue please? Communication works both ways.
  14. Its still my biggest issue with the game this year. Its very disappointing its not been fixed. Its a game breaker for me.
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