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  1. had three clubs bid for a reserve player on loan, the only option i have though is to reject the offers!?! i am managing leeds around xmas in first season, just taken the job and not seen a mention of not being able to buy or sell players...saying that i noticed i can't loan players in either...option just isn't showing up...HELP!???
  2. Guys, anyone know what channel community shield is on? Cant find it on sky
  3. why was victor valdes scoring for Barca!? Anyway... Torquay (Me) 3 v 1 West Brom 3rd match into my 2nd season in the Prem (got relegated 1st time around, but came straight back up winning the Championship) Currently sitting 4th in the table between the two Manchester Clubs! Phil Barton (dubbed the next Mickey Owen) scoring two with Paul Pogba grabbing the third! Mon
  4. Ivory Coast 0-1 Ghana African Nations Semi Final. Gutted - think i might get sacked now - but so few players to choose from with only english league running. got nigeria next in 3/4 playoff p.s. won quarter final v senegal 7-4!!!!!
  5. this was on page 7. i think fmanderson may be dead, let alone this thread!
  6. villa like their last minute goals dont they. that richardson fella seems to be a goal machine, maybe snap him up. good luck in carling cup final...ps where are Torquay United/how they doing?
  7. my opinion - not sure anyone's too interested in match by match reviews. just wanna hear about mohiddin and whether he gets to the world cup and then what he does when he retires imo
  8. Alessio Cerci was a machine in the late 90's - where is he now?
  9. im playing this at the moment. defo my favourite. just so user-friendly. is layed out like a fun game rather than a serious full-time job - if you know what i mean. has the right amount of features, and not too many pointless ones.
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