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    got born, got taller, left school, joined the Army, killed a bunch of people, moved South.

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  1. I've been playing as the mighty Gers, switched to the EPL with 'the easily offended', tweaked the finances a wee bit. In my fantasy world of the Old Firm in the EPL Rangers were purchased by a rich suitar(if that is some kind of guitar I meant the other meaning that sounds like this word) - this person wiped the debt and gave some $$$ to spend. Anyhoo If an orange is an orange, why isn't a banana a yellow?
  2. 1. Improve the interaction between the manager and players between games and during games, ie having the ability to 'inlfuence play by 'encouraging' a certain player from the half way line. 2. When being approached for a new job, being allowed to negotiate your management team a move as well. 3. Add conditions for certain players to be included in contract negotiations(this would illustrate a club's future ambitions) 4. It would be nice to spend your amassed fortune by investing in the club, even to the point of taking over as chairman. 5. Interacting with players shouldn't be a media thing. It should be kept in house. 6. The ability to customize an individual player instructions, rather than cutomized position instructions. these would be set , and changed, at your whim as you tune the player to the team system. The player instructions could be set whether the player is in the team or not allowing him to 'train' into them. This would also make the team a wee bit more dynamic, having Ronaldo play the same system as Fowler after a substition really doesn't cut it.
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