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  1. So the original thread has been removed because of the new forums for FM18 and I can't view it anymore... it wouldn't matter if they had fixed this issue, but it is still broken! https://community.sigames.com/topic/401592-create-a-club-custom-logo-display-error/ What is going on?! I brought this issue up bloody ages ago, not acceptable that such a minor issue still persists in two games I've paid a reasonable amount of money for.
  2. Hi, I posted on the User Interface Issues thread a fair few days ago, May the 6th to be precise, and I have been desperately checking it since for any replies. At first it was moved threads to the Create a Club and Fantasy Draft Issues thread, after a couple of days, but since then no one has responded. I was getting kinda bored checking the forum daily, even though I knew if someone did respond I'd just get an email and that I probably didn't need to check it manually. Anyway, I did a bit of browsing and no other post in that thread has been officially responded to since April 6th. That's over a month of no moderation, and 6 posts sitting there, ignored. I did some further reading and it looked like the main staff involved in that thread were Lucas Weatherby and Luke Warrington, the latter having not visited the forums since March 24th. I just thought I'd bring this to someone's attention, because it certainly feels like I'm getting ignored and I'm sure the others that posted on that thread feel the same. I just want to get on with play FM 17 and I've not been interested in it since I haven't been able to fix the issue I've had. Hopefully someone can take a look and sort that thread out, because while is not as important as some of the other main threads, it still needs moderating. I await someone's response, SolarHawk
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