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  1. will someone be so kind as to edit the client browser file from the base skin as per the suggestion above? i'm sure i did something wrong - i tried this and my game crashed and is not opening now..
  2. just hopped in to say this is beautiful work...this was my default skin last year ...congrats on your amazing work...
  3. In fm19 there was a way to disable brexit via a No Brexit fmf file...is there something similar in fm 20?
  4. Hi Keysi - Could you let me know the folder location from which the stadium picture is picked up in the club overview screen? I wanted to change it...thank you...
  5. just downloaded this...could you please let me know which folder to put the pack in? thank you...just downloaded this...could you please let me know which folder to put the pack in? thank you...
  6. i used this to get transparency on most of the screens. However, it did not work for the screens mentioned above (news, match preview and match day)
  7. Hi - I am using the base dark skin provided by Michael. I am trying to get transparent background on the screens attached. Can someone point me in the right direction how I can make those screens transparent? As you can see, the inbox panel is perfect. But the News screen, Match preview screen and the match in-between highlights are not transparent. I would like them to have the same transparency and background as seen in the inbox screen. Also, i wanted to add a different background in the match in-between highlights screen. How do I do that? any help is appreciated. thank you
  8. Hello - Could you advise how I could enlarge the club logo on the title bar (the transparent logo on the right side). thank you. @Sh@rk
  9. Hi...This is exactly what i was looking for - would you be kind enough to share how do i make the background completely transparent on the base dark skin? thanks
  10. hello keysi - could you advise how i can change the font size across the entire skin and possibly change the font itself? thank you.
  11. i have read through this thread and have a question. How do I make the background completely transparent...Currently, I have a hazy grey which i would like to make completely transparent in order to see the background picture. thanks for your help.
  12. just bought from voidu...key delivery was instant and activation in steam was immediate, no issues...i am in US, btw...not sure if beta is included...
  13. could you please elaborate...i am using the base dark skin....thanks
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