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  1. So being Chelsea seems unrealistic to play at start as their fitness is still gonna be unfit even tho they are playing matches.
  2. Hi, I've tried starting a game with Chelsea but I've found that most of my squad are still on holiday and won't be back until mid july to early August, so will not have a squad to play any friendlies with. Is this a bug that's known or has it got something to do with the World Cup that would of been on at time but didn't have this problem with previous FMs.
  3. Just wondered if anyone else has problems with Premier league teams having their pre-season tours start on the 30th June when the earliest you can ask to start pre-season training is on the 3rd July when you go into 2nd season. Is this a known bug or error as this needs to be fixed as it can be annoying when your missing out on days to have friendlies in that region where the tour is.
  4. Hi, I've started a game with Maidstone United in the Vanarama League and have got around half my squad's contracts running out in the first year but when I try to renew my best players the board will not allow me to offer them anything over £400p/w for key player even though I have enough space in the wage budget. It say's that it's down due to the boards restrictions but the players wages that i want to renew are all over this restriction from the board and can't see how I cannot give them a new contract. By the end of January I might not have a squad at end of season. Does anyone else have this same problem in the lowest leagues or is it normal?
  5. Does anyone know where this player has gone as I can't find him anymore....is it a name change or just simply taken out the game???
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