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  1. @Jimmy Wong, I've noticed that FM is playable but only when every other programs in the background are closed. Steam is the only one thing working. That's how i played from april to september in my Werder Brema's career. During the game I was not switching displays by three fingers gesture or by cmd + tab. Also, a few times i was closing my mac by shutting down the cover. After third or fourth time I've had a crash.
  2. @Neil Brock any news? I understand that there are some things that you could't predict but it's really frustrating. I cannot play my fav game for at least month.
  3. @Neil Brock i've uploaded a file called Werder Crash. In 6.10 i came back to FM from the other display using three fingers gesture, pressed spacebar to continue and then ,,the mouse icon'' was loading and loading... then it happens
  4. My crashes were: 1. when i just opened the game and click load last save. Then during the game was loading i switched FM with another displays - Safari, Spotify etc. 2. on the main screen after game was loaded or in the squad view 3. by pressing spacebar and during the next day loading i was switching FM Display and safari/spotify. My crashes were always after i switched FM display. I always switching off the displays by three fingers gesture on my touchpad. I think i usually use the another programs during the FM is working in the background (loading another day) for just a few seconds - 2 minutes max. During FM i use, spotify, safari (5-15 tabs - youtube, news, facebook), steam, MS Outlook. Sometimes Word and Excel. And finally - i always clicking the spacebar to continue the game.
  5. Unfortunately, after 5 minutes of gameplay i had a crash between switching FM and Safari...
  6. three fingers on my touchpad. That's how i am switching between the display 1, 2, 3... etc.
  7. I won with City in the first cup stage of CHL with my Werder Bremen. Also I need to continue
  8. Once i was switching between FM and Safari when it crashed. Another times i was just playing. Ad. activity of my FM in Activity monitor, i can't find any FM icon in MEMORY tab.
  9. I had a three crashes after every match. 2x after Bayer Leverkusen and the third one before Eintracht. I cleared cache and preferences. For God sake, this game is unplayable for a long time...
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