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  1. FM is unplayable. Again problem for MAC users and again the support and technical department of SI is working so slow. Guys, it's so annoying...
  2. Same problem here, Laggy performance in the interface and match interface. I have mac air 13 2018. Every settings on low or even very low (when it's possible). Also some options are switched off.
  3. Mr @knap How about the assists with both tactics ?
  4. Jesus, why they can't bring back the version before the update to let us play? 10 years ago when some game was releasing, it didn't have any updates. Why? Because, it was working! Now, you are fixing some issues and making another issues...
  5. So, - Macbook Air 13-inch, 2017, 8gb 1600 mhz ddr3. MacOS Mojave 10.14.3, intel hd graphics 6000 1536 MB. - 1440x900 - Full screen - lag a little bit - 2D, full low - my mac's fan is going so crazy and noisy in squad view. When i'm playing in 2D match, i have to quit (cmd +q) soon after, because i am afraid of my mac's core... - No, I'm not running any other programs.
  6. Hello, i have Macbook Air from 2018 with i5. I was playing on full low specs. After update 19.2.2 in squad team my Mac is so noisy! What the hell? Community Games please fix it, because FM is not playable at the moment!
  7. what means better results? and which one ARGUS 343 beacuse in this topic there are few ARGUS 343?
  8. Hello. Sir @knap i was playing Burton Albion 4-3-3 2x Volante and 1x Anchor. I won League 1, 2nd place in Championship in 2nd season. Now i am in PL. I bought some good players but they are not good enough to challange teams such as Chelsea, Arsenal, Utd etc. But i am worried because i am losing against last Burnley, very weak leicester etc. I think that playing my team so offensive like this tactic could be wrong for PL. The tactic is 451VolanteAnchorKnapWE
  9. Mr @knap after 10 matches one thing is really weird in 4-3-3 (2x segundo and 1x anchor) I've upload an image where Tom Thorne (Anchor) has got much more passes than 2x segundo (90 +) and he has 28 tackles (10 less than Defender). It's really good that he has so much tackles but this amount of passes makes me worried because i think segundos should have much more passes than him. What do u think about it ?
  10. Hello guys. I am trying to figure the best way to train my team but i don't know which aspect should be the most important. In my opinion the physics stats is the most important in underdog leagues. But how do you it ? How do u set up it ? Please show me your screens or patterns.
  11. Mr @knap I've just started Burton Albion career. 4-3-3 (2x Segundo Volante and 1x Anchor). After 6 matches, 4 wins, 1 draw and 1 lost. Do u think thank Anchor is the best DM role ? I read once polish tactic tutorial named Joint Story 4. It was translated for english on Fmscout too. The author said that Anchor is a role which is good only against the team which play really narrow. What do u think about it ?
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