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  1. I found lots of errors, not just the ones of the previous messages, i found groups with 3 teams from andorra. Islas Faroe, San Marino with direct qualy to groups...
  2. Hi, i've tried to edit the file so i could add all the title history since 1996 (last season in this format), but when i tried to verified the file i got the same error that jonathan had :c Mexico Reimagined by Motobaka, historial update.fmf
  3. Could you add some mexican legends? Players like Blanco, Borgetthi, Omar Bravo, Hugo Sanchez, Rafa Marquez, Luis Hernandez, Aspe, Zague?
  4. just an idea, same as England, could you make another cup for lower teams? Like Carabao Cup, something like that? Im really enjoyin this database <3
  5. Found another funny bug. Team of the Week for "Liga de Expansion" features players from Liga MX jaja
  6. There is an error, players above 33 years old can't play for liga mx
  7. could you post the direct link? workshop doesnt work on gamepass version
  8. Could you post direct links to that tournaments? I have the gamepass version so no access to workshop :C
  9. I'm just getting the "Error: Unable to find some essential data. Please ensure that the game is installed correctly. If the problem persists, please contact technical support."
  10. but where i find that folder? im using the gamepass version btw and yes, i tried that "windows app" folder but i cant get access (i know how to get access, im just not going to touch things on a hidden folder, its hidden for a reason, why in hell Sega would mess up with that?)
  11. Yeeeii!!! I was waiting all your files to start my save
  12. I remember one being "concacaf caribbean cup needs 32 teams, found 31", i dont know how to fully edit it, so i'll wait, but i found a little fix for now, started on FM23 with this file, and then i converted my save lol
  13. Will u update this file to FM24? I've tried to do it with the editor but it found 3 errors xD
  14. how can i download the 7 team version? I don't have FM23 on steam (i got it from epic store), so i cannot suscribe to workshop items :c edit: nevermind, i found it, i didnt look at third post :C
  15. Anyone has a problem when u create a new save? My game is crashing and i dont know why, it didnt crashed before
  16. I've been using your files for 23.3 and so far no errors. simulated 3 seasons and all's good c:
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