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  1. Regarding an earlier post, you can multiple select players with control-click. I would like to be able to shortlist staff, I often have a few potential candidates and end up making loads of "notes" (which is awkward to check) or literally writing names on paper (which could be improved upon).
  2. The managers hall of fame tells you roughly what each manager has done in their career, it'd be a nice touch to have something similar for the players, ranking them on having won titles, cups or player of the month/year etc.
  3. On player search, scout report lists etc you can filter out unrealistic targets or your own players, personally I could do with an option to filter out already shortlisted players, so that I could look at the players I hadn't already looked at or bid on.
  4. I'd like to see more national team stuff i.e. as well as full, u21 and u19(?) teams england has under 20s, under 18s, 17s, 16s, non league "national game" etc. Also it's not that realistic that the staff are appointed by the international manager, it's done by the FA as far as I know. It seems a little easy to get national jobs, if promising managers were offered the less high profile jobs a la Stuart Pearce it would be a more realistic way to start raising their reputation.
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