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  1. Hey Knap! First of all thanks to your hardworking and you. I wondering does this tactic still work? Formation and stats are incredible.
  2. I think there is a mistake mate. SS is the same of Cardiff IW-P version on Beowulf 442 topic
  3. Maybe moving wings to up and set the formation like 4321 gives more score Knap, what you think?
  4. PF is a very good option. But Knap what you say Beowulf 442 with F9 and PF both?
  5. hey @knap I'm not sure it is true thread but what you think about a a tactic which is 433 dm wide with; dlp ap - ap w - w af/f9
  6. Hey Knap, What about this tactic with inverted wings instead of IFs? Isn't it be better for underdogs? Maybe away tactic.
  7. thank you all. nice to see an idea works well. maybe it can be a time-wasting tactic with control or balanced mentality for who plays with 4321 wide formation.
  8. Knap, I have an idea. What do you think mixing Pilgrimage 451 and MM Volante Anchor? Can you try this formation; vol - anchor - vol if - if f9
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