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  1. Hey Knap, What about this tactic with inverted wings instead of IFs? Isn't it be better for underdogs? Maybe away tactic.
  2. eflakbogdanbeyi

    FM 19 MM Volante 4222 Knap

    thank you all. nice to see an idea works well. maybe it can be a time-wasting tactic with control or balanced mentality for who plays with 4321 wide formation.
  3. eflakbogdanbeyi

    FM 19 MM Volante 4222 Knap

    Knap, I have an idea. What do you think mixing Pilgrimage 451 and MM Volante Anchor? Can you try this formation; vol - anchor - vol if - if f9
  4. 18 games with these tactics. Undefeated! 18 wins! 7-1 against Juventus at Guiseppe Meazza, in front of more than 80.000 Internazionale fans. Scoring striker and inside forwards. BBMs if inverted foot players, they are scoring also. I enjoy watching the games, it's very good tactic to watch also. One of the best tactic in FM h istory for me. Magic has started with Sampdoria game which I won 2-0.
  5. I started to us it from Sampdoria game which I won 2-0. I'm using short pass tactic as a start tactic. If I can't lead up, I change it to B2B.Direct one. They have different mentalities and it helps a lot. I didn't face any big opponent yet but, I'm using underdog tactic to holding game if I cant lead more than one goal. I used it generally last 20 minutes of game and didn't concede any yet. Great tactic. There is so many tactics in forums to destroy ME but they have 3 strikers and I dont like it. But this one, great also.
  6. eflakbogdanbeyi

    Tácticas del "Maestro" Tabarez

    you can use midsomer vol mez 442 by knap
  7. B2B Direct and Short DM, not underdog one. What is the difference and results? In which condition I use which one of them
  8. eflakbogdanbeyi

    Argus 451 Knap FM 18

    Hey Knap, just for brainstorming; I saw a thing in your 451 tactics which are Argus and Pilgrimage. You use both wingbacks are on attack duty. Maybe, using Right-Wingback on support duty gives better defensive results. Because Right-IF is on attack duty already. What you say? Is it work?
  9. eflakbogdanbeyi

    True 4-2-3-1 / Sir Goalalot Tweak to FM18

    I didn't test it with underdog but maybe yes. I don't know Plymouth's squad but if your starting 11 is not full of quick players, drop tempo from higher to normal and change the mentality to standart or counter on away games. It's not a gamebreaker tactic so, feel free to tweak it Share with me your results
  10. eflakbogdanbeyi

    True 4-2-3-1 / Sir Goalalot Tweak to FM18

    sweeper keeper (a) standart back(a) - standart defender(d) - standart defender(d) - standart back(a) CM(s) - CM(d) W(s) - AP(a) - W(s) AF(a)
  11. Training Balance (Avarage) Match Training Match Tactics / Atacking Mov. / Defending Pos. (Depends on your opponents) OIs AMLR / MLR - Closing Down / Always & Show onto Foot Weaker One (select left to right footed player and select right to left footed player) http://www.mediafire.com/file/u5axe53anazsa2e/True+4231++v2.fmf
  12. eflakbogdanbeyi

    FM18 BLUE MATTER Knap 433

    hocam yenilen gol sayısı biraz fazla. sezon başında 1er aylık sürelerle çıktım tatile o ara sıkıntı yoktu. sonra sezonun kalanını tek seferde simüle ettim. sakatlanan adamların yerine falan hep yanlış tercihler yapmış asistan menajer. mesela orta ikili ve kanatların hızlı olması lazım ama yapay zeka oralara hep lallana'yı uygun görmüş. lallana girdikten sonra da takım gol yemeye, yenilmeye başlamış. ondan yana sıkıntı var. ama şu an benfica kariyerimde kullanıyorum, maçları da kendim oynuyorum. taktik zaten orijinal blue matter gibi, izlemesi zevkli ve bol gollü. biraz daha orta saha kalabalık, defansif açıdan faydalı. bu arada bekleyi çok yönlü, destek yap. daha iyi oluyor. golü bulunca geri çekiyorum onları falan.
  13. eflakbogdanbeyi

    FM18 BLUE MATTER Knap 433

    I made some tweaks. P to F9, DLP to HB, APs to IFs and IWB to front. Tempo very low to low or normal (it depends what you need). Played with right footed on right IF and left footed on left IF. BM 4-3-3 Knap Tweak.fmf
  14. but i think its need a good amc. when im playing with cervi or jonas its wonderful but zivkovic not fluid to amc and when im playing with him, its really hard to win for me
  15. First game with SL Benfica. Raul Jimenez missed penalties two times. Rui Patricio is lucky bastard