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  1. I use BWM (s) - DPL (d) - BWM (s). DLP has lower mentality than CM and BWMs have higher closing down than B2B so they should cover more width defensively.
  2. Cleon recreated it faithfully with Swansea IMO. Without ball you get defensive positioning of 4-5-1 and offensively you get 4-2-1-3. Transition looks fluid and overall it looks much better than sticking with 4-2-3-1 as a starting formation.
  3. Huge number of changes in your DB. Gonna try it out and see how playing feels with lots of future transfers.
  4. Chemnitz videos are great! I'm yet to see Spain ones. Since you have 3 at the back, without offside trap, have you tried to stagger center backs? Simplest way is to have middle one on cover. Cleon had interesting approach of having (left to right) stopper, regular defender and cover. Ball winner was positioned on the right side of central midfield so he dropped back in front of the covering CB.
  5. Might be injury related. I'll keep an eye if it happens again. I don't use save game editors.
  6. For some reason my players left declined over time. Example I remembered is David Lopez from Athletic Bilbao. He starts with Strong left foot which declined in less than two seasons to Weak for some reason.
  7. I think that players improve in that part. I've had players loosing skill in their weaker foot when declining due to lower ball control training and lack of matches. So probably training has some influence over it.
  8. Yet Croatia gets EUR prices. I should go across the border with laptop and order
  9. I've read that it is possible to deactivate your game on Steam however you have to contact them first as it's not automatic so best bet is to do so and see what they say.
  10. Usually I pre-order hard copy from UK cos Steam is rip-off. However this year I paypaled money to friend in UK and he sent it to me as a gift after the game was out. Saved me some money. No way I'm paying the game in Euro. Pre-order in combo with little bit of voucher hunting gets the price below 20 GBP, then it's all about postage price.
  11. I'm playing Sweeper and Libero is on Attack if I'm chasing the game. Centerbacks are on standard defend, might use BPD if I have good passer. Had wingbacks on automatic but changed it to attacking for last 2 games, which isn't much. However I plan to use them that way in my dedicated 3-5-2 save.
  12. SW - CB CB - WB WB - MC MC - AMC - FC FC and FB CB FB - DMC - MC MC - AMR AMC AML - FC I change roles depending on the players available and also according to opposition. Starting strategy is Standard but for 3-4-3 I might change for Counter. In 3-5-2 Standard is lowest I go cos by default team will be very well positioned defensively and anything lower than that will make you useless offensive wise. With 3-5-2 only goals I conceded were long shots and corners so it's good base to build from.
  13. http://bit.ly/TBjeJ5 If you are interested in recreating Van Gaal's Ajax. This year I've been leaning more toward Bielsa with direct approach. In case of both I use FBs and one CB with DMC in front of them. Difference is only in passing range and use of wingers or inside forwards. In both cases I have to manually assign marking according to opponents formation. FBs man mark two forwards or wingers in case of 4-3-3 and DMC is man marking central forward against 4-3-3 or eventual AMC. It works OK. This year I've been using it with lower Croatian team and reached Champions league group stage twice in a row were I was punching bag. Back three I prefer to be centerbacks who are able to play in FB position. Shouldn't be a problem to find them in Italy, Napoli for example has suitable players and I think that default or updated squad is best for experimenting with 3 man defense. Their offensive potential is good so it should give you safe season to experiment. With 3-4-3 I was able to score 3 against Liverpool with really poor team. I've leaked 7 cos my defenders were under 10 in all physical attributes and mental ones were even worse but still it was fun.
  14. I personally go for 3 CBs when playing with wingbacks and with 3 wide defenders when playing Ajax 3-4-3. However since 3 wide defenders seem to work slightly better I would use them if I would go for 3-5-2 variations when wide midfielders are used instead of wingbacks. I'm currently playing with variation of 3-5-2 from Icelander's tactic video thread so I'm using Fluid. Usually I'm going for Balanced. These days I'll start Napoli or Udinese save and will try Balanced to maximize offensive potential of wingbacks.
  15. I've found wingbacks to perform better than wide midfielders. In 3-5-2 and in Brazilian 4-2-2-2 I believe that attacking role is a necessity for full offensive potential. It's also useful to occasionally play wingback on his "wrong side" as he will be inclined to cut inside when he reaches penalty box. In my current South American save with all SA leagues and large DB I still have a problem of finding good left backs, so I had to play right backs there and even with competent skill I had some amazing goals due to cutting inside. They fall back into defensive line so pace, stamina and squad depth are good to have as well as in Brazil they can hardly play 3 games in 7 days.
  16. I've switched positions of my forwards as they are both right footed. Since proper target men most of the time play with their back to the goal it's easier to distribute the ball to AMC and Trequartista. Also for Trequartista it's easier to pass the ball when he has players on his left.
  17. I've tried your 3-5-2 with Vasco for one tough game against Santos. It wasn't exactly my first 11 due to injuries but I've really liked what I've seen. It was a blast from the past and like watching games from the era of 3-5-2, then it was more direct play, probably due to worse pitches My front two were suited for your roles. What I really liked is that Target man isn't static, he moves around decently (for target man) but when I switched to Exploit the flanks shout he was often on the byline. Surprisingly wingbacks do a good job. Defending in line with stoppers but they really attack as they should instead of stopping on the halfway line like they used to. Thanks for giving me back interest in FM!
  18. Luketa maybe you should go with Counter from the start to see how it goes?
  19. Having player at the left wing is how it's 4-3-1-2 played nowadays. Usually second striker is on the left wing since most of the players are right footed so cutting inside can be more effective but one can be positioned on the other side. Some of the real life examples of having second striker/inside forward are Napoli (Lavezzi), Milan (Robinho), Santos (Neymar), Inter (Eto'o) etc.
  20. Having grew up watching games every second week where everyone played with back three I can say that not once I've seen Libero playing as Beckenbauer did. Basically what was known here as Libero is in English known as Sweeper and it was usually position for the best and oldest defenders who would command defense. I believe that Libero role in FM is just modification of Sweeper as I really don't know how many players in that position bombarded forward during the game. Of course as a fan of back three I would love to see some flexibility within match engine so we can replicate some historical systems.
  21. In my experience player reputation and CA and PA during playing career has no influence on CA and PA as a coach. Reputation is carried over from playing to coaching and usually means absurd wages. For example world star is retiring at the end of the season and I offer coaching position and wage request is over 100k EUR per month. And this happened to me more than once. On my Inter save I had 4-5 players retiring at the same time and wage requests were getting crazier with each player. SFraser noted his finding and disappointment that most of the players get coaching potential limited to 135 after retiring.
  22. Great thread! Unfortunately I don't have much to add but I'd like to point that certain variations of 4-2-3-1 are actually variation of 4-3-3. Cruijff calls it "midfield with point forward". And from what I get some people aren't that much offtopic even though thread is about "midfield with point backwards". Here is Cruijff's column with google translate on his views of 4-3-3. I hope everyone will find something interesting. http://tinyurl.com/cju622a
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