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  1. I hope De Jong will see red around 90th minute and KTFO Busquets with an elbow, so in worst case he picks up only one match ban.
  2. I was wondering if the card will be given at all, since the ref wasn't in a hurry. Comedy...
  3. It's a miracle that any players are developed at all to assemble a national team haha
  4. Waiting for Cameroon to score the winning potato Italian style in 94th minute
  5. I think B&H can pass the group, Nigeria match will be crucial since I believe Iran will have two tough games so they might be mentally back home when third match comes. But then second place is up for grabs. Not "huge teams" but should be interesting all the way.
  6. What the hell was this? If it's offside some one should read the rules again.
  7. Lj is pronounced as in llama in English That would be the closest thing. Mile Jedinak would be something like MI-leh Yedinak without "h".
  8. Thought it could go either way before Cameroon strike, but we'll see how it affected them mentally.
  9. Not surprised by Brazil winning but was disappointed in which way it happened. I don't know what Hulk is doing in first 11, has he shown anything after his Porto days? Neymar is entertaining to watch with the ball. Overall I'm not that impressed with Brazil lately and I think that individual moments of brilliance will ship them through the tournament. Maybe better for them to have avoided qualifications. Bernard is interesting player and I haven't seen him playing before, or at least can't recall it. Ramires and Hernanes would be much better central pairing IMHO. I've decided not to get nervous about Croatia during this tournament since I expect them to flop against Cameroon and Mexico. Even in Yugoslavia, regardless of the sport when underdogs, national teams would have good displays only to fart at the end of the match. I think that same thing still applies to all ex-YU NTs nowadays. Oh of course when they are considered favorites they usually flop.
  10. You can play with midfielders out of position and it should be good. I'm playing in Croatian third division and had an AMC playing in DM position, he is a first team player and did rather good. His attributes are somewhat evened out but I always play with a destroyer next to him. Otherwise I try to use two decent tacklers who can pass. Football is wonderful even at this level where it isn't odd to have players with 1 for Composure and still they can deliver a cross and dribble. Since I'm broke I have to use youth academy regens who are rather on a fifth division level. Even lower clubs have better salaries and better quality of the players. Sitting on the top in the middle of the first season I've started using this tactic from the start. Waiting for takeover and clearing of debts before I could expect promotion. Football is so good that I'm looking forward to try it out in some top league and have a rather stress free save hehe
  11. Thanks! Doesn't seem too extreme. More like it's aligned with player positioning
  12. Glad to see successful 3-4-3. I'm currently playing lower league football without any hope of moving upwards I might try some experiments with back three again. Been digging a lot lately on Martinez 3-4-3 but best way is to check out the matches. Since this summer will be ugly I might even get all Wigan's games for entertainment. If Bielsa can build a library I could also Focusing on both flanks, have you noticed much bigger difference compared to the Mixed focus? Haven't tried that option for a very long time. Occasionally I'm using that shout for bad weather but with bad players I haven't noticed anything since only way to get a ball over to the opposition is when GK lumps it hehe
  13. Yep. One on the right is also Bielsa's second or third formation. Might seem weird but it's not depicting RL starting shape, but rather end of the move positioning of 4-3-3 with inside forwards and deep lying central forward.
  14. With Athletic you should have Ekiza and San Jose as somewhat competent sweepers. Haven't check them on updated database but from some old saves and also FM12 I think that Ekiza should be Competent while San Jose at least Unconvincing.
  15. Tactical advices takes some time to stop bugging you. Player X is used to this or that is about familiarity. It will eventually dissapear. I always check staff style of play and coaching. In older versions it took about 3-4 years for staff to change their preferences and basically copy everything from you. From favorite formation to everything else. Of course if you are consistent. You poached Chelsea physio?
  16. Falcao and Huntelaar are probably most well know poachers left. Falcao is much more mobile than Huntelaar for example. If you check videos of Huntelaar's goals you'll see that it's usually within 6 yard box, either headers or tap-ins. Cavani is far from poacher and in defensive phase he runs back to the center and then begins to press according to the ball position. Maybe at top level old school poachers are gone but I believe they still exist role wise. Now it's up to the quality of players and football in general how proficient someone is.
  17. Cleon, are you usually using same approach when switching to another formation with the same club?
  18. Catenaccio requires Inter save. Can't wait to read more and have some fun
  19. Was there any later update for Brazilian leagues after WU 6.0 which are compatible with MRT90's pyramid? I'm looking for transfers which were missed on the latest official patch. Would like to start new Brazilian save on FM12 so I'm looking at FManager.com.br but google translate isn't helpful as everyone writes in slang
  20. I fully agree with you. My example is taken from my Brazilian save where you basically have destroyers and fantasistas while fullbacks are defensively useless. So my midfield roles are being used with attacking fullbacks on both sides. In Italy I would probably go with your combination as players seem more all around-ish. One size fits all is hard to get unless you are playing with rich club.
  21. I used to play B2Bs and due to the roaming they moved wider however I haven't had any negative impact. Even with not so defensive players they hassled opponents. It depends on the league and players standard. Also I look who I have in DLP position. If it's weaker player like Pirlo it's good to have Gattusso and Ambrosini flanking him. If I want magic upfront then water carriers are needed.
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