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  1. Rijeka, biggest Bosnian town outside Bosnia
  2. My dad was born in Zenica, so by default I've inherited humor just by that geographical accident haha
  3. Or in case of heavy opponents Olympiacos fans can always throw Molotov's cocktails on away fans to distract visiting players
  4. Depends if you are looking sportswise or moneywise. I think he probably earns more in Fulham than in Roma.
  5. Hey that is the most commercial sounding Bosnian artist. Don't wanna mention all the pop-rock posers. Extra Music is best label for traditional Bosnian music. My personal fav music video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9pgC7M5wwE Love the editors job on syncing lips with lyrics.
  6. I had troubles with ex-gf over going to away games in some god forsaken villages following third division team and she ended up with one of the crew organizers in the end. Talking about irony hahaha At least Ricardo's gf can be moved by scoreline.
  7. Greece actually playing football. Son I'm dissapoint! Bring back Otto Rehhagel
  8. Beer kicks in since I'm warming up for tonights party downtown and now I'm cheering for Colombia like I have family members playing
  9. He should learn this evergreen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbsfoBWkY0o Was mandatory for my crew in summers of 2012 and 2013 for every drunk evening, also in the off-season.
  10. I was really surprised to see him on the squad list and when I saw him on the pitch it was :O Great six months behind him career wise. Ajax will probably sell him before Vermeer and also get nice amount. BTW how come that Stekelenburg wasn't picked?
  11. I don't bet but if live betting has such option I'd put something on a Columbian right hand side for assist and another one for Greeks to assist from the left.
  12. LOL if Mondragon is still playing. Greeks winning in added time Italian style. Potato in the net is mandatory
  13. Seen the match last night and also watched second half rerun now. Chile weren't playing the way I expected and the score wasn't real reflection of the game. Chile's display against Germany pumped me for this WC that I couldn't care less if Croatia is playing. Maybe against Dutch and Spanish they'll have more space to (counter)attack.
  14. Seven Croats in Aussie team so hard not to like them. Last night against Chile I was somehow neutral but in next matches I'm supporting both teams in this group. Hopefully much better football to be seen, regardless of the end results.
  15. At the start of the match Croatian commentator said "Dutch are haunted by the curse of St. Iker"
  16. Three games and three bad refs so far. Italian dude has no consistency. But happy with Dutch playing, wet my pants when I saw them line up in Ajax 3-4-3 formation at times
  17. I've seen Costa replay again for 3-4 times from different angles. He extended his leg and put it ON Dutch player's foot.
  18. Hard to spot for the viewers let alone ref in real time. But still dick move IMO.
  19. Defender missed him so Costa quickly his extended leg and positioned it just in time so the trailing leg of Dutch player could catch him. Slow-mo show it nicely.
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