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  1. Chile cos I like their football, but in other matches it will be underdogs.
  2. Actually it's much better for Croatia to crash out in group stage because it would be annoying to listen all the media calculations about going at least to the semis It's not that bad really and Mexico were great when Croatia had to risk. Croatian journalists are usually big idiots and sports one are a class of it's own. Really unfair roasting, yet no one mentions how last three NT coaches were installed by Mamić and their names were known even before "application process".
  3. Hopefully Croatia scores third so Eduardo can get some minutes.
  4. Mr. Miyagi would be proud of him hehe I don't know how he managed to become a good player. Always thought of him as an utter idiot. Obviously has some sports intelligence but using it badly occasionally.
  5. Song won't see get any bonus. Maybe Barca is giving him one to return for pre-season ASAP
  6. Damn stream lagging so I had to wait two minutes while screams and fireworks were going on. Loud ******** spoiling the game
  7. Anyone seen gif anywhere? Please share if you see it
  8. I'm looking forward to such scenario since Velibor Džarovski said WC is fixed, and he knows thing or two about fixing matches
  9. I'm supporting Mexico, don't care which result would suit Croatia, looking forward to see if Brazil will actually earn a victory or complete robbery will happen.
  10. I'm always watching all the games live if possible, if not I download them and try to avoid spoilers. Missed out on France and Switzerland games so far and still don't know the Swiss scoreline, although I know the winners.
  11. Good game so far, spending more time browsing around than watching
  12. They wanted theater atmosphere at stadiums, now they have it. Every tournament fans are allocated small number of tickets in presale with lottery and similar BS yet touts are busy. Hopefully FIFA and continental organizations choke in their own corruption, starting with Blatter and Platini.
  13. https://scontent-a-vie.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpf1/t1.0-9/10152427_10152565861374203_4305056825031049388_n.jpg
  14. Not that Germany was exceptional but Portugal is horrible. Seems like Germans had a really simple game to play. Don't even seem sweaty from running but rather from humidity alone
  15. Ximenes of Flamengo visited Eduardo in hotel, Dudu's mom says she hopes he'll end up at Flamengo. He is a Vasco fan and always mentioned that he wants to end his career there. I hope to see him in Vasco shirt eventually.
  16. I'm expecting an entertaining game with lots of running from side to side if weather gets better. Americans love runners in every sport and I doubt there will be too much dwelling on the ball from either side.
  17. I think that after the Bosnian goal players got bit scared. Like not believing they could pull off an upset. They were loosing but also I can understand thinking "better to lose with one goal than with two" since goal difference might end up important. Still morale should be high, like with Croatia, and only real danger IMHO for both teams is in their heads.
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