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  1. 13 hours ago, bosque said:

    Where can I find it in english?

    Just google the title and you'll get it as a first result. For some reason google translate isn't opening it for me. However it boils down to him opposing to 2-1 midfield and going for 1-2 cos you have two midfielders attacking the space and protection in the middle while defending. If I recall well, he wrote that he would use Sneijder as a DM playmaker, De Jong as a "motor" or runner and van der Vaart as an attacking player in the Ajax line up of that time. Also if you look at the Ajax clips from that era and onward, you could see wingers stretching the field, even when playing on the "opposite side", all the way up the opposition's box and cutting in late.

  2. Yeah. You might accidentally lose control of a tackle. You might go in a bit harder than you mean to. You might mistime it, so it looks awful. You don't accidentally, mistakenly or somehow mistime something and up biting someone. 3 times.

    So yeah, it's worse than a bad tackle.

    I'm thinking more along the lines of Roy Keane, as it happens in football, luckily not often.

    Surely not worse than a headbutt or an elbow?

    To be clear I HATE diving or any kind of dirty move.

    It should be mandatory for every player to watch Ray Lewis highlights and be fined for rolling unless someone KTFOs them in such manner :D

  3. Three strikes and you're out. An animal like that has no business being on a football pitch. A mental institution while he gets the help he clearly needs, yes. But not a football pitch, not a chance.

    Dick move by him and I don't condone it since it's completely effed up gesture. But is it worse than some nasty tackle from behind which carries three match ban?

  4. Rafik Halliche of Algeria in touch with HNK Rijeka, Croatia. Only stumbling point is that he asked for a delayed holiday during the Ramadan fasting.

    Flamengo president seen in a hotel with Eduardo and his mom confirmed that she would like to see him join them.

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