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  1. How about the first Italain team? Genoa? Good rivalry with Sampdoria. Interesting league.
  2. Like every year I'll probably attempt to build a good 4-1-3-2 tactic based on Pekerman's Argentina in the WC in Germany 2006 which at times resembled a 3-1-4-2 as Sorin at LB played so high up (complete wing back for sure) and Maxi Rodriguez often popped up very wide on the right leaving the right fullback very defensive (Burdisso was used on occassion who is more often a centre back.) I'm thinking a "hybrid" 4-1-3-2 with the left back pushed into the left wing back slot (DM strata) and the three in midfield shifted to the right one position (so two CM and a player in RM) might help lessen the problems of defending the flanks and give a bit more natural width in attack. Against Holland, Mexico and Germany they went 4-3-3 right enough. Of course that doesn't really solve the problem of shoehorning three AM's into the PSG team.
  3. Well that was wonderful... Elfsborg away, pummelled them again, their goalkeeper got MOTM again, after making my three subs Lustig gets injured 5 minutes before the final whistle and then Efe "effin" Ambrose gets a second booking just before the final whistle. Into extra time with 9 men still 0-0 in the match and on aggregate, still pummelling them even with 9 men!!! Game goes to penalties. They score all five and Biton misses the first one for us. Needless to say I resigned the next day, five competitive matches in. Two 3-0 wins and three 0-0 draws. I guess I'll start again.
  4. The enganche is like a pivot in the AMC position so he doesn't roam too much and play revolves around him. Most commonly found in a 4-3-1-2 formation, think about Riquelme.
  5. Started my Celtic save on FM14 over the weekend. Only signed Van Bruggen for 900k decent player for 20 and I'll try and bump his positioning up and play him as a DMC. Punted Sammy (3m) and Commons (2m). Won my first CL qualifying 3-0 on agg against some mob from Hungary (there keeper was Lubos Kamenar!) and now I've got Elfsborg. Drew the first leg at CP 0-0 though after hitting the woodwork 3 times and there GK had at least 4 great saves. Looks like I'm going to have the same problems I had last year of thumping teams but not scoring. They played 5-3-2 against my 4-3-3 with a false 9, two inside forwards and both fullbacks set to wingbacks.
  6. Lewandowski is really a complete striker with the creativity toned down. He holds the ball up and flicks the ball on like a targetman, he closes down the opposition like a defensive forward, he scores goals like a poacher. In general he doesnt really drop deep or move into the wings very often. He is the guy who keeps the centre halfs occupied as high up the pitch as possible and because he's physically very capable he doesn't mind battling it out for a long ball from Hummels or a 50/50. He is happy to run into a channel or in behind when the opportunity presents itself but I see his movement dictated by the positioning and movement of the boys in the band of three behind him. He's a very modern striker in that he can do everything very well and score goals. The complete package lone striker.
  7. Good opening post mate, and an interesting topic too. I love watching Dortmund because they're still a bit shaky at the back but devastating going forward which usually results in good games. For me, they're a counter-attacking team with high pressing and direct passing. I don't believe they play a particularly high line as Hummels and Subotic aren't the quickest. Having watched the Schalke game from the weekend the DL was pretty deep most the time. Something to watch out for IRL is the high level of pressing in the opening stages though (could be done using shouts). For the first 10-15 minutes they often pressing for high and at times the formation is more like a 4-2-4. I think in recent games they've started to adapt to changes in the flow of games though. ie. if they score early they are happy to sit a bit deeper, conserve energy and pick teams off. In my mind...Reus would be in the AML position as an IF, and Kuba would by in the MR as a wide midfielder. Also, Mhikataryan (sp?) is probably more direct than Gotze so maybe an attacking midfielder on attack. You could even use the staggered 4-3-3/4-5-1 preset. Plenty of options. Look forward to seeing your results.
  8. Using the tactics creator and having a logical set up that compliments your team/players is just the first step to being successful IMO. Making good use of your shouts at the right time is the key to winning and losing games. Great post!
  9. Exactly the thread I needed to be reading at the moment.
  10. Won ligue 2 by 10 points in the end, winning 8 of my last 9 games but really it was a helluva struggle. About to start my ligue 1 campaign. Got 17m to spend for a mid-table finish and definitely need a right back (Corchia? 11.5m? Or Lopes from Sporting Lisbon for 1m?) and a right winger (Enzo Perez on loan to buy 1.7m). I've brought in Penneteau ona free and will look to loan a keeper as back up again and punt Subasic (who Athletico Madrid are after!). Tzavellas, Obbadi, Dumont all have contracts up in 2014 so I'll try and punt them now, along with all the riff raff,for some money. Got my eye on Lucas Digne for left back. Danielle Galloppa from Parma is on the transfer list cheap and McDonald Mariga is a free too so they're possibles. Strangely, Kolo Toure has been released by Man City and even though he is wanted by no one he won't speak to me about a contract. Hopefully Kagelmacher, Wolk and Raggi are good enough for now with Medjani and Labor as emergency back up. Anyway, I'm not looking forward to the coming season...its gona be pretty tough so I've accepted a mid-table finish. I think I'll be playing defensive/countering alot though a huge majority of my goals conceded last year were conceded in the box and from crosses.
  11. Ten games left of season 1 in ligue 2. Top by a point but I think I've won two or three out of the last ten so I dunno how. We play well and don't score or we play ok and conced a soft goal or set piece. Aaaaaaarghhhhh!
  12. Just had infuriating game at home to Chateauroux. I'm really trying to concentrate on OI's and my in-game decision making and this was a classic example of me making a mess of things. I decided to go control from the start as I was confident I'd get goals. First half I was playing well and creating chances and went in 1-0 up. Second half I thought, I'll change nothing and look for another goal before I attempt to shut up shop. 3 mins in they equalise. So I maintain my control strategy and sure enough I go 2-1 up. Now I think, I'll go counter and hit the space in behind as they push forward. They score on 80 mins 2-2. I go to control again and win a penalty. We miss it. Game ends 2-2.
  13. This being a tactics thread I think it's only right that you post your 4-4-2 ;-) I want to try a 4-4-2, perhaps in another save and have my own ideas.
  14. Should add I also knocked ligue 1 side FC Lorient out the cup...away from home
  15. Sarmatian, is that the second season in the game? Ie. first season in ligue 1? I reckon that's a good result considering the team you have and the catching up you need to do with those teams above you. I've played another 5 league (ligue 2) games with my tactic and struggled but I'm still top by a point after 10 games so much much better than previous saves. Night before last...played 5, won 4, drew 1. Last night...played 5...drew 0-0, drew 1-1, lost 3-0, drew 0-0 won 2-0. Though I will say my main goalscorer was injured (Germain) and Vossen hasn't stepped up yet. In my final game, the 2-0 win, Germain returned and I had Ekdal and Poulsen playing as DLP support and AP attack with Coulibaly in DMC. Worked a treat. It was like a double pivot in midfield. I also applied the shouts "retain possession", "play out of defence","pass to feet" and "work ball into the box" from the start. I really need to learn to spot how my opponents are playing and how to combat that with shouts.
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