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  1. Can't argue with the decision. Kid was clutch. Baschetti is an interesting choice. The other two strikers had higher highs but lower lows. He was consistent at least. Marini is a solid guy that played well especially on our run. I mean we were just hoping to compete so that was nice. Have some money in the bank. Waiting on some champions league money. And then the call ups begin! 8 in total! I don't know much about this team. Let's just see where the ride takes us shall we?
  2. We went from 5th to the playoffs as the number one overall seed. A few playoff games later and we have Europe. But could we win it all? The first of many! (hopefully)
  3. Two of our guys actually got into the main team and didn't get hurt. And then we had a record breaking run. This time it was the good kind. At the same time, our youth team started to kick it into gear.
  4. And here comes the best part! New players: A few highlights: I needed some reinforcements in the middle and got them. A nice little winger that I may convert into a inverted winger to use as a guy to grab a few goals.
  5. And then I continue my edumication and building up the youth product:
  6. Second year has been interesting. Started ok, had a horrid run and seem to turn it around. Our 2018A prospect made the national team! meaning he's our first ever to do it. Wait a second... Oh come on.
  7. YOUTH INTAKE DAY: He's going to be a utility guy. Plugged him at DM.. think he's a bit short for CB, but perfect for a guy to disrupt play and the like.
  8. News Flash: We don't just suck: We really truly suck: We ended the season on a run for the ages!
  9. As I posted the previous post, I said watch us lose the next game. And then we couldn't win for a while. The worst part about this was that we broke the record. We've been straight awful for months. What solves this? A team meeting of course! We lost the next two, then the team wanted to meet with me as if it worked the last time. All except the below bozo were in agreement it's just been luck and schedules that have conspired against us. Dude hadn't scored at all. He's been meh at best and now he's a bad apple.... Basically I cut with dead wood. Since it's amateur i told him to enjoy the bar while we play. The rest of the team will be with him after the game. I'll be too drunk in the trainers room to care. We need to not suck.
  10. In case you are wondering here's our tactical setup: The idea I had is to create a 3-5-3 or 5-3-2 with wingbacks. Problem is we don't have anyone who is defensive minded enough at center mid. Also we don't have three healthy CB's because argelli is 31 and falling apart. (The squad is slightly rotated as pictured.) Our two CBS cover our butts and force a striker outside. The DM and center CB both push up to deal with the threat of an AMC or DLF/TM. Both are better suited to CM work according to the assman but seems to thrive in this formation. Neri is a class WB and FB for us. I use him as a winger because he crosses the heck out of the ball and nearly has an 8 average since we went on this winning streak. I rotate between De marini Kabah and Erolani at CM. Kabah is eh. Marini has better moments and Erolani is the old man in his mid twenties so anything he gives is nice. Bonfini and the other RM are interchangeable, although Bofini offers a bit more going forward. Meanwhile Amadei was in and out of the 11 for the first 3. He's started to hammer home goals and just picked up a hatty the last game. Muggeo is hit or miss but has the highest ranting. The other striker options are baschetti a poacher who snuck in a few in the last game and found himself starting the next game. He was ineffective and then injured himself. He's usually a sub. Zaboul is 38. He gives guys a break every few games. Manzari has played a few times and generally been awful. We have two 19 year old GK's. Both are 5 star potential and I try to give them a game where we are favored or in the cups. Lelli is first choice for the competition but much older and won't be around too much. Neri is easily our best player.
  11. After that game, we lost the next one against the same team. Then this happened: Which brings us to this: 8 games in and in second place... not an awful start.
  12. Too bad we shipped three goals in that one. The next game was our first win.
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