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  1. In my experience 4-2-3-1 results in crowded places and rather bad defensive performance.
  2. Hello guys, I hope some of you can help me with this tactic. I want to play Gegenpress and fast attacking football nothing out of the ordinary. The type of goals/attack I envision are: Because of overload and combinations on the right side. That's why I chose a mezzala, inverted winger, and a wing-back for some width. Mez-A cause I think there needs some drive to the goals to create some chances. If the overload on the right side struggles or if the ball goes to Thiago he tries to create a threat with through balls or a cross to the left side, which is on full
  3. Through the middle with nice build up. My Players look like they dont want to do anything while often getting overrun by the enemies.
  4. Ive played against 4-4-1-1 and although it wasnt a horrible performance it lacked the domination if bayern, so I changed the tempo up and at the second half it worked well but now its less of a possession tactic and more acounter tactic do you have a advice?
  5. i made some change and I would be interested if they make sense to you. I need someone one the front who also sometimes helps out so DFLsu to DFLa. I play coman on the right side as winger instead of Mueller. I move TQ to the right so Mez has some room to attack and more options to pass. DLFatt IFsu TQ Wingersu CMde MEZsu FBat CDde BPDde IWBde SKat
  6. The Half-Back forms with the two center back something similar as with 3 center backs but more like a triangle in which the halfback is the tip of the triangle and someone the players can pass to if they are under pressure. It should be a possession tactic, so low tempo. The F9 receives the ball and can pass it to the if through the defense, to the wingbacks and they cross in or give it back to midfield and they look for the same opportunities.
  7. My Vision is a 4-3-3 with one Defending Midfielder one central playmaker and one supporting midfielder who uses the free room. 2 Ifs that try to make a pass on the forward, the central midfielders or pass the overlapping wing-back who crosses in. The Ball should move from one If through the midfield to the other. I tried many formations and it never worked. I tried a Mezzala-u and an advancing playmaker-a with a halfback, 2If an F9 and two overlapping wingbacks but still no result.
  8. I would like to know how you would set them up. I tried to make my own it works better but still could be improved.
  9. I've read every tactic post I could find, tried to understand what the Creator meant but I can't create a tactic, not even simple ones, like the ones recommended if you want to start to make a new tactic: few Team Instructions, solid formations, and player roles, etc Nothing works. My Vision for the tactic isn't fulfilled, I don't have success and neither I create chances nor I can hold a defensive structure. I honestly try to understand Football Manager but every time I think I understood and try it in-game I get disappointed. The Team Instructions don't anything for me. If I change
  10. Ok, I'm glad we could clarify this problem. I would prefer explanations rather than things I can copy&paste but I tried so hard and long (300hours without joy and success) that I believe I'm stupid for not understandings this game. For me, the tactics above are almost perfect but then I see what they look like in game and they contradict completely with my image. I looked at every source even simple one like https://medium.com/@v_maedhros/understanding-roles-in-football-manager-and-real-life-part-1-73054cfbb303.
  11. As I said I don't think that his answer is fine but this thread shouldn't be about his comment. I do have screenshots about how I imagine it to look like and the tactics itself and I'm asking for feedback on the tactic I've built. I've done it many times without stats and Experienced Defender even said that my Ti's are bad so you actually don't need the stats to give me feedback but if it helps I'm going to add some problems I saw.
  12. Maybe I misinterpreted but If I ask for advice instead of a bit of advice I read ,, And all this without even a mention of team instructions, which are only making things worse. '' then it seems to pretty unnecessary and a bit like ,,mocking''.
  13. Of course, the players aren't in their best roles because of my priority to show the tactic itself and not with the fitting players.
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