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  1. Hello, hope you are all well. I’m currently face a big problem, my laptop touchpad has completely given up looking at a new one for possibly Friday. Anyway I currently have a great save going on with AEK Athens over in Greece and I don’t want to lose it. I also currently have tactics, graphics and what not to back up. Would there be any way of backing this all up for my new laptop? Any suggestions would be appreciated Thanks
  2. Ahhh I see, Thanks mate I’ll have a look today. Seems weird but I don’t like to start a game if it doesn’t look authentic if that makes sense, just bugging me that this is the first time I’ve ever had a problem with this.
  3. ? I can ensure you all my files are in the correct places and what not? Config of graphics?
  4. Hello, never had a problem with this previously on any version of FM but my graphics aren’t showing up in game. Done everything I have I’m previous series’s of the game without any success. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  5. For those who don't know how to contact Neil Brock you can via this site on his profile, I honestly don't think there is much point in doing that though to be honest!
  6. FM18 won't be long anyway. As I said this last patch is for twitters user primarily that's it.
  7. My game was basically still running 17.3.0 patch, Steam hadn't updated the 17.3.1 patch automatically for reasons I don't currently know of. As you know 17.3.2 patch was released yesterday, after Steam had updated it seemed to have fixed the problem. I guess Steam updated both the 17.3.1and 17.3.2 together. I don't know yet but either way the problem seems to be gone. It couldn't have been yesterday's update alone as that was primerily intended just for twitter users.
  8. I don't need to now at all mate? The latest update seems to have fixed everything
  9. Well I guess we were all wrong, SI have just released an update for the game and it looks fantastic! Also all the academy fixtures seem to have been sorted! Great news!
  10. Just a quick update guys, I am currently in conversation with Neil Brock from SI about this issue. He has asked me to send my save files to SI to look in the problem. Although this has happened don't expect there to be a fix as SI are probably far into the development stage for FM18 to be released. I highly doubt they would want to keep realising updates to sort out little bugs with the development of the new game at a probably advanced stage.
  11. Awesome thanks, I knew it had been well documented but as I said I wasn't aware of a fix of any kind. Also to answer your question Buckley I'm currently Salford playing in the National League, not using any edited database.
  12. Hello everyone, As many people have already reported my academy players aren't getting any fixtures under there belts. I have also accepted the U23/U18 league invitations from the 17/18 season onwards. I obviously want my academy players to be playing every other week. Have SI actually acted upon this bug or is it an ongoing thing?
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