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  1. I have a small update: deleting the preferences and caches folder (I'm on Windows 10) DOES improve the issue. HOWEVER, after restarting the game the game goes back to being extremely sluggish and reaching single digit FPS. This is seriously unnerving.
  2. Hey man, I also have this on my PC. I'm running an Nvidia RTX 2080 and a Ryzen 3600 CPU. Spent 5 hours trying to fix this, wish I could refund this trashcan of a game.
  3. You moved it to the wrong section. The ME is fine, the problem lies with the career menu. Watch the videos.
  4. So, bought FM 2020 and already regret it. I haven't even played it for 1 hour because all I've been doing is troubleshoot why the FPS doesn't seem to want to reach 60 FPS on my 144Hz GSYNC monitor. My PC rocks an RTX 2080 Nvidia GPU, 16 GB of 3200 MHz RAM a Ryzen 3600 CPU and the game is running off of an NVME SSD.
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