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  1. thanks i sorted that now its sayin the league cup is too soon after previous stage
  2. I need help am trying to create a league n all dates r fine but wen I test rules it keeps saying this wats wrong help plz zzz
  3. what about the editor do u know how to do it there
  4. hi guys am new to this am looking for some information im lookin for someone to help me with. am wanting to play about with the editor and create some of my own things like diff teams in a super league create players sort finances and create rules is there anywhere on youtube to guide me or info online as i cant find plz someone must b willlin to help a newbie thanks all
  5. hi guys am totally new to this in-game editor thing am looking for some info i wanna change my whole game and looking for advice or help in doing it. 1. swap teams in there leagues 2. change the european trophies and the format ( i know how to change name in the game ) 3. make all teams in there nation home grown meaning foreigners cant play in that country ( i know kind off how to do that in game )
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