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  1. I'm playing with Dortmund, I've just signed him (I need to sign young players for first team), Maybe during the first season I will send him to U19 or on loan.
  2. how about Escobar (for 2.2 Mil € ) or Rajkovic ( 4.5 Mil €)?
  3. Arthur from Gremio (if he's still by Gremio) should do it, you can get him for 20-25 mil Xadas from Braga (available for less than 1 mil) Ante Coric from Dinamo Zagreb (5- 10 mil) Afonso Sousa (Porto B) available for 1 - 2 mil Elias Abouchabaka (german, from RB Leipzig) it is available in 2nd season for 15-20 mil Hany Mukhtar (german, Brondby IF) available for 1 -2 mil
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